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New fan channel. I guess this time around My Secret Terrius is coming to Viki



One of these 4 might be the male leading actor for Song Hye Kyo’s upcoming drama



#YoonSeAh and #KimHyeEun are in talks as leads for upcoming tvN drama β€˜The Birth of Tragedy’ which is a passionate melodrama that deals with an incident between two families. (Ji Jin Hee is considering the male lead role)


#ChaeJongHyeop in talks to star in upcoming JTBC drama β€˜I Know But’ based on a popular webtoon. (Song Kang and Han So Hee are considering the lead roles)


:warning::rotating_light: WATCH OUT FOR THESE UPCOMING ADAPTATIONS :rotating_light::warning:

Kdramas based on webtoon are ALWAYS expected by fans. Hope you guys secure some of them in advance (Before the competitors)

Sunbae Don’t Put On That Lipstick’

She Would Never Know ’ starring SF9’s Rowoon and Won Jin Ah as Chae Hyeon Seung and Yoon Song Ah, respectively, is an adaptation of the Naver webtoon of the same name and is set to air beginning on January 18, 2021.


Raw is also based on an original webtoon and the adaptation will star Jang Ki Yong as Shin Woo Yeo , Girl’s Day’s Hyeri as Lee Dam , Kang Hana as Yang Hye Seon , Kim Do Wan as Do Jae Jin, and Bae In Hyuk as Gye Seon Woo


Based on β€˜ Train to Busan ’ and β€˜ Peninsula ’ director Yeon Sang Ho ’s original webtoon of the same name, the drama adaptation of β€˜ Hellbound ’ will star Yoo Ah In, Park Jung Min , Kim Hyun Joo, and Won Jin Ah . Choi Kyu Sok , who collaborated with Yeon Sang Ho on the original webtoon, will screenwrite the drama version.

Yumi’s Cells’

Starring Kim Go Eun in the lead role of Yumi, β€˜ Yumi’s Cells ’ will be a drama that will combine elements of animation to truly adapt the authenticity of the original webtoon. Yumi is an ordinary office worker in her 30s who finds love and laughter in the small things. The story is told from the perspective of Yumi’s brain cells, and the innovative novelty is sure to be a mega-hit.





The drama Raw isnt called My roomate is a Guminho or Falling Cohabitation what is the real name?





#KimDongJun confirmed for SBS’s upcoming drama #JoseonExorcist along with #JangDongYoon. The drama will be directed by Shin Kyung Soo (Nokdu Flower) and written by Park Kye Ok (Mr. Queen) and set to air in March.



Popular BL webtoon β€œSemantic Error” confirmed to be turned into a web-drama.

The drama is scheduled to finish casting sooner and start shooting in earnest. It’s aiming to air this year.


#KimKangWoo reportedly cast as male lead for JTBC drama <#SabotageCity> along with #SooAe. Helmed by #MysticPopUpBar’s director and #MyLawyerMrJoe2’s scriptwriter. Broadcast in 2021.