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@henrri_11, Yes! It is already listed in β€œComing Soon” category :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you very much :blush:


Lee Jung-Ha and Go Yoon-Jung are both in talks to join the 50 billion won (44 Million US Dollars) budget jTBC drama β€œMoving”






On the verge of insanity aka No one but a madman channel created and licensed.


Kim Nam-Gil cast for lead role in SBS drama series β€œThose Who Read Hearts of Evil” (literal title).


Webtoon <#IDontWantToDoAnything> will be made into a drama going to release on OTT platform, depicts the growing pains experienced by a 26-year-old woman.

Helmed by #HotelDelLuna’s production company and #CheeseInTheTrap’s director, expected to start filming in 2nd half of 2021.


#WiHaJoon cast for upcoming OCN original drama β€˜Bad and Crazy’ along with Lee Dong Wook. (He was offered the role of β€˜K’ which is another personality of Lee Dong Wook, expectations are high for the two-person role the two will play)

Helmed by Uncanny Counter’s writer and PD.


#Joy is confirmed to star in upcoming JTBC drama β€˜Only One Person’. It will be helmed by Find Me in Your Memory’s writer and PD (Park Sung Hoon and Ahn Eun Jin are in talks).


Do you already know the name of the drama?


Park Hae Jin’s β€˜Showtime From Now’ Will Be on MBC Next Year




β€œOne Day” writer brought us β€œWarrior Baek Dong Soo” (2011), β€œJung Yi: Goddess of Fire” (2013), and β€œThe Royal Gambler” (2016). PD of β€œFiery Priest” will helm β€œOne Day”.


I’m really curious about the actress who will be cast as the police officer/romantic interest of Park Hae-jin’s character Cha Cha-woong.


Me too… I hope he gets a terrific leading lady


Honey Lee And Lee Sang Yoon Confirmed As Leads Of New SBS Drama cast in SBS drama series β€œOne the Woman.”


Han So Hee In Talks Along With Park Seo Joon For New Drama