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#ChooYoungWoo reportedly to lead KBS drama <#School2021> along with #KimYoHan, he will act as Jung Young-joo which is the character offered to #KimYoungDae. Broadcast is expected in 2nd half of 2021. #ChoYiHyun #HwangboReumByeol


#GoBoGyeol reportedly cast as female lead for Wavve original drama <#SnowWhiteMustDie>, she will play a top actress Choi Na-gyeom who wants to help #ByunYoHan, her childhood friend and long-time crush, live a new life after being released from prison.


A popular webtoon β€˜Summer Solstice Point’ confirmed to be produced into a drama. It depicts what happens when a divorced woman Seo Ha, who runs a cafe, feels strange feelings for Ji Hoo, a 20 year-old part timer.

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  • The Seashore Village Chachacha | κ°―λ§ˆμ„ μ°¨μ°¨μ°¨ (tvN) licensed elsewhere :woman_shrugging:t2:

Not likely to be available here…


What about β€œThe Road: Tragedy of One”. Any hope to see this on Viki?
Also " The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim?"


Jun So Min In Talks Along With Yum Jung Ah And Yeom Hye Ran For Remake Of British Drama β€œCleaning Up”


The great chaman girl Ga Doo Shim channel created


Still waiting for Choi Daniel’s small screen comeback! :blue_heart:
No idea why the premiere date of Fly Butterfly is being postponed??! May be to air in next year? :disappointed_relieved:


Lee Tae Hwan in talks to star in upcoming drama β€˜Thirty Nine’ alongside Son Ye Jin



and @marykarmelina . According to MDL β€œFlying Butterflies” release date is now Aug. 23.


Ahn Bo Hyun In Talks For Lead Role In New tvN Drama β€œMilitary Prosecutor Doberman.”


Jin Ki Joo In Talks To Join Park Hae Jin In New MBC Fantasy Rom-Com Drama β€œFrom Now On, Showtime!”


CIX’s Bae Jin Young To Make Acting Debut As Lead Of New Drama


But they haven’t started promotions yet! So I am confused over this drama! :neutral_face:


Thank you @aznative for sharing the news!



According to MDL β€œUncle” will air on Aug. 28