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According to Wikipedia N f x will have this in June 2022.,ra%20and%20Jo%20Jae%2Dyoon.


Why Her is licensed


Oh no :frowning:
I thought viki could get Return :pensive:


I was really disappointed too. Sorry to share sad news.


#HaJiWon reportedly cast as female lead for KBS drama <#TreesDieOnTheirFeet>, she will act as Se-yeon(the character offered to #SonYeJin).

Broadcast in 2nd half of 2022.

#KangHaNeul #YounYuhJung


#JooWon reportedly to lead a new drama <#KarmaSevenJoseonNotices>, the story of a civil servant of the Cultural Heritage Administration’and a team dedicated to cultural properties of the SMPA’s Intelligent Crime Investigation Department to recover hidden cultural properties.


Lim Ji-Yeon And Yoon-Kyun Sang Team Up To Investigate A Disappearance At An Eerie Apartment In New Mystery Thriller Drama

TVING drama Rose Mansion premieres May 13, 2022



“Doctor Lawyer” premieres May 27, 2022 following “Tomorrow”.



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JTBC’s Insider will premier in June.


I really hope Viki can get the license for Bloody Heart :pleading_face:. It’s one of the Kdramas I’ve been waiting for, including Eve’s Scandal (I heard rumors that it might be on N****X, I hope it’s just rumors).
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Insider airs on Wed/Thu in timeslot currently occupied by “Green Mother’s Club” (N*****X) which is scheduled to conclude on May 26.


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Woori the Virgin Coming Soon.


#HaJiWon confirmed cast as female lead for KBS drama <#CurtainCall>(#TreesDieOnTheirFeet), she will act as Park Se-yeon who is the youngest daughter of Hotel Paradise’s founder and the general manager.

Broadcast in 2nd half of 2022.



Eve channel created and licensed




Coming Soon…

Oh… that makes me so happy…

Now lets see Bloody Heart, Insider, Doctor Lawyer…


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Additional Drama premiering in May (according to MDL):

The Witch Is Alive

The Blue House Family


Yumi’s Cells 2 starring starring Kim Go-Eun & Jin Young premieres in June on tving.