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Byun Yo Han in discussion to work alongside Song Kang Ho in a new drama “Uncle Samsik”


Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye in discussion to lead a new KBS drama “Innocent Boxer.”

Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, and Hong Kyung to lead the SBS drama “The Demon”


Licensed to KoCoWa. Let’s hope that means Viki will get it too.



“The Escape of Seven” produced by Penthouse team confirms its main leads!

“Recipe for Farewell” starring Han Suk-Kyu & Kim Seo-Hyung. (December)


It’s a bit late (July 2022 premiere) but good news.
Season 1 of “The Good Detective” (2020) is also coming to Viki.


The drama is also being called “It May Be a Little Spicy Today”.
I discovered this when I searched for the Watcha series on MDL. I found the entry searching with Han Suk-kyu’s (Dr. Romantic) name.
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Thank you. ! I did not relate it to a different Drama.

At least we know the updated name and date now… hahah

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Kim Jung Hyun And Im Soo Hyang Confirmed To Star In New MBC Fri-Sat. Fantasy Romance Drama " “The Season of Kkokdu”


So happy JYH is back! With HJE and the others in the cast… it’ll be a blast!



Awesome to finally hear about it.
According to Soompi, the new title is “Reborn Rich”.


Lee Junho And YoonA’s Upcoming Drama Confirms Supporting Cast And Broadcast Plans



Becoming witch channel created


Delayed release from Kocowa. Thanks @dannyelita32_368! Better late than never.


Licensed!! :tada::grin:


Coupang Play drama <#FantasySpot>(prev. Their Report Card) script reading, release in the 2nd half of 2022.

#AhnHeeYeon #BaeWooHee #ParkSunHo #ChoiKwangRok #HongSeokChun


#NaInWoo and #LeeKyuHan reportedly cast for a new drama <#WaitingForYouForALongTime> which is a mystery-tracking drama about a countryside police detective.

Na acts a detective struggling to avenge gangters, and Lee acts the gangter leader.

Directed by #AgainMyLife director.