Urban cops

wow what a drama! I really like it. now on to questions.
!. did they really become cops?
2 did the people treat them differently due to them being actors
3 and after their stint on this drama, did they still hold the official title as being policemen? or volunteer ones?

thanks for your response.

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Is this drama on Viki or Netflix?

_t is on viki, _

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my questions weren’t answered. I would like to know! now we havw another one coming on, fantastic actors!!

so how do I get those questions answered, or is it supposed to be a secret. the guys in both dramas are great!

Is there no behind the scenes information online?

I have looked evetwhere, esp the soomba, but nothing of what I want.

  1. They did become “honorary” policemen for the period of the shooting.
  2. People did treat them differently, until they saw that the actors were taking it very seriously, willing to learn and actually helped.
  3. No, they did not keep their “official title”. BTW…Urban Cops II is out with a couple of the former volunteers.
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