Variety shows viki needs

Apart from movies and dramas, there should be licenced vareity show or talk show to watch. Lets list out popular variety shows which should be on viki.

there seems to be quite a few variety shows however they never seem to get subbed. so except for the occasional english speaking ones (showbiz korea,pops in seoul,simply kpop,etc). most of what is available is unwatchable unless you speak korean or japanese. (as i have only seen japanese and korean variety shows so far). i would love to see the japanese on air music shows get subbed though.

Honestly I hope Viki will stop with variety shows. Why? Because the tools we volunteers have to work with are too limited to have those shows properly subbed. They are a total nightmare to seg and sub because the tools are to limited. Really I don’t get it, they know the tools are too limited to have everyting subbed properly and still Viki does license new variety shows.

When Viki finds a way to make it work it’s fine to get variety shows but for now they should focus on content we can sub properly (drama’s)


Will Viki get license variety show from Onstyle? I love variety show from there.

It’s true. It’s hard to segment them and to sub them because people tend to speak at the same time and because of the various on-screen texts but it’s still possible to enjoy them.

The problem with variety shows is their length and the fact that most volunteers prefer working on dramas. As a result, the teams working on these shows are pretty small and there is a lot of member departures because it seems like you’ll never see the end of it.
It would be great if Viki could upload the episodes with their subtitles like they do for some movies but I don’t know if this is possible.

Also, I don’t think Viki will stop with variety shows because some of them are really popular. For example Running Man (353 episodes) has 84 513 followers. It’s one of the most followed channels on Viki.


About the difficulty of segmenting and subbing variety shows.
It could be done only if deciding to make choices. For instance, not put the printed words unless they really add something to the conversation, which they rarely do.
I mean, youtube has those variety shows, and they seem to sub only the stuff necessary to understanding what is going on.
I fully know that viki teams pride themselves on subbing EVERYTHING, but frankly variety shows are not Shakespeare, nor is it always crucial that every single utterance gets subbed.
'Oh, look at him, he’s blushing", “Oh, right, right!”, things like that, don’t matter very much if they are missing.

About the presence of variety shows
I also like some of them. I would like viki to only include the really interesting ones, certainly not so many as there are presently. The ones with singing, such as King of Masked Singer or others like that, or the ones which feature our favourite actors giving interviews or playing fun games.
What I really don’t get are those videos of youtubbers/vloggers, like one person in front of the camera saying obvious and trite things about Korean culture. And the recently added, “Created”. These could all go, in my opinion.
The recipes are interesting, as long as they are Korean recipes (I saw some of them who just put on any recipe, fusion, American, Ameri-Korean or whatever. That’s useless to us.)

What I would like to see

What I would surely welcome is an instructional video on Korean language. Like Talk to Me in Korean, but more comprehensive, for serious learners.
State-sponsored informational documentary series. On different parts of Korea, geographical and cultural landmarks, seasonal festivals, the traditional music, theatre and dances, the folk festivals, the rituals, an exploration of the different religions. Or social issues like the position of women, racism, the drinking, the education system. Or historical, exploring Korea’s past, both remote and recent… About the Hallyu wave. About Korean gamers. About baduk!
But documentaries made by professionals, with a real crew and budget, with interviews of knowledgeable people, taking you outdoors to see stuff… not made by you me and my aunt or vloggers who speak about themselves.
BBC quality if you know what I mean. In every country there are such documentaries, so I’m sure there must be in Korea as well.
If you look at what is offered here, it’s disheartening.


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