Various movies

I have been watching a good movie( well a couple) on netflix, and so pleased they have a bunch of the asian movies. is the movies discussed here?? what I have seen so far, is Tiger, legend of the sword,bodyguard. these three were great!
here is a question, are the actors rigged to do all that flying & twirling, and do they really know kung fu or whatever that mastery is? still some good stuff there!

If you like a good melodrama, you should watch “Werewolf Boy.” One of my favorite Korean movies ever. Don’t forget the tissues. :slight_smile:

Here is my movie collection. Some are fun and romantic, others full of mystery and some are a bit racy but great. :slight_smile:

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thanks! I will!

My pleasure. :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy them.

Many of my favourites in your collection. With a big big exception: Sunny. You didn’t like it or haven’t seen it? I think it’s my very favourite.

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