Video is not available

i had been watching many dramas on here such as Triangle, Doctor stranger and many more. but since yesterday and today i cant watch them. it says that the content is not available in my region. what happen? will it be fixed? and for how long?

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Are you still having a problem watching them? It might just be a temporary issue that can be solved by logging out and back in again. If it continues, please write into the Help Center. Hope this helps!

I’m not sure if this is the same problem, but I tried watching Law & Order SVU and it says the content isn’t available in my region even though I’m a QC.

it happen to me today. yesterday i did not have this problem. all the dramas is not in my region. when it will fixed? i email the help center but the email is bouncing. do you have any email i can write to? help center is really doesnt help…:frowning:

it is still the same and its annoying i want this fix or i need to go to drama fever.

You can email

Can you let me know which email address was bouncing?

i have this problem with Ipartment series 2.
Also, not all of season 3 has eng subtitles. Are there plans to add these?