Viewer reviews when shows aren't yet available. How? Why?

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surely I can’t be the only person thinking this, but how is it that viewers can submit reviews for shows that don’t have any episodes available yet?

If you look at the coming soon section in the content Explorer, a significant amount of the shows in that section somehow already have viewer ratings, despite the fact that in most cases there are no episodes available for the shows yet. I understand that some shows are already available in certain jurisdictions and not others, and in that case, that’s fine, but in cases where shows don’t have episodes available at all yet. Isn’t it a bit strange that users are able to submit viewer reviews surely the review and ratings function should only be enabled when there is something available to view. Or am I thinking about this to logically

It appears that you end up with the situation where shows end up being rated lower than they otherwise would be because a lot of people who have submitted ratings before episode are even available or have given low ratings due to the fact that episodes aren’t available yet.

Surely Viki needs to implement a change in the system so that reviews for a show can only be submitted when a show has episodes available to watch. Then to viewer ratings function would be more effective at telling all users how good a particular show is. At present I fear some content might not be given a fair hearing.


Hi, you’re not the only one who thinks this way. There is not only a problem with reviews that were submitted too early, but also with reviews that aren’t reviews at all.
There are a couple of other topics on this subject.


Thank you @oriya
not quite sure how I missed those

I might submit an idea in the ideas area the help site as Viki does occasionally listen they did for example implement watchlist functionality into the large screen apps


Hi everyone
I have submitted an idea in the ideas board. As I said I would please find it linked below. Stop if you wish to see it implemented. Please vote for it.
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