Viki app will be removed from Samsung Smart TV starting May 1st, 2018

Now this is disappointing to learn… :frowning: Sure, because of the small subtitles, I couldn’t really use it, but instead of improving it, Viki is outright taking it down.

What do you all think of this? Were you using the app?

Well this completely sucks!

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I use this all the time. I HATE using Roku or Chromecast. How many more places does VIKI want to save money?

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I’ve noticed that a lot of apps have been updated, but I guess Viki decided it just wasn’t worth the time and resources for a new version. It’s such a shame. :frowning:

Mmm… Maybe you can use Mirror Share from your phone or tablet if you have that option. Also, Window 10 can project unto another screen. There are also those android sticks. Much better than Chromecast since they have their own operating system. Maybe there are other ways too.

Where did you find this announcement? I’m disappointed, but will have to go back to the Roku device I guess. Thanks for sharing.

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I found it.

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From the official Viki newsletter. Make sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss out on announcements. Bad news, also. :frowning: It’s a shame, really.

Can you help me with a link for the newsletter please?
Also, just started researching Roku and they don’t even have a channel for Viki.
And Viki states they are supported by Roku. I’ve asked for assistance from Viki’s Support so I know which Roku devices will operate with Viki.
Thanks Adrian.

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Viki’s support states that all Roku devices are supported.

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Go to Account Settings, then check the newsletter option bellow.

Thank you.

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Has the VIKI app been removed from Roku? I was watching yesterday but the subtitles were gone. I decided to try uninstalling the app, then reinstalling it. To my dismay I could no longer find the VIKI app on Roku. So disappointed. …so frustrated! !!!

Don’t panic. This is the link I got from Viki for installing Viki on my new Roku.

Did they really removed viki app from the smart TV? I still can see it on my smart TV so I was wondering if they change their mind.

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The message that Viki posted said the app would no longer be “supported”. I’ve also noticed that new episodes and subtitles are still being added. I don’t think they changed their mind. But if there are technical problems with the app I’m assuming Viki won’t be fixing those problems.

A few weeks ago, because I assumed that the app would no longer work I purchased the Roku streaming stick for my SmartTV.

I’m really glad I went back to Roku, which I used from 2009-2013… I started using the SmartTV app for Viki in 2013 when we purchased our first SmartTV.

I’m really liking the Roku stick. All watched episodes are noted across all platforms (, Viki’s Roku, and the Viki app on my android). The Viki app on my SmartTV doesn’t do that. So it’s great to keep track of what I’ve watched.


I have both the roku stick and the fire tv on another television. They are both great for watching viki. At the time I bought my Samsung Smart Tv, both Samsung and viki had announced that starting with the Series 6 Samsung tvs, viki would not be available on the Samsung Smart Tv. That’s why I have a roku stick plugged into the Samsung. A hint to other people with the roku stick. I noticed when it was plugged into the electrical system it was “on” all the time and got really warm. So I bought a $5 cable which goes from the stick’s inlet for electricity to the USB port on the Samsung and removed the electric plug for the roku stick. Now the roku stick only is on when the television is on.
But I do have one complaint about the viki app for streaming which recently started. After the first few episodes, even though I am viki pass plus, the app will not automatically go to the next episode after episode 4 and tells me I need viki pass plus – it then restarts the episode I just finished. So I have to go back to the list of all episodes in the series and select the next episode. Annoying!


That’s odd about Viki’s Roku app not loading the following episode. I haven’t had that problem. You should contact Viki support about that issue.

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I bought a roku stick and I can’t find the Viki app. How can I find it ? I was thinking of returning the stick because all I need is to watch viki on my tv.

These are the directions I found on Viki’s help.

Thanks, I found it.