Viki asks - what could we do better?

October 10th 2021
You might have gotten an e-mail as a contributor or as a QC.

2 Questions from Viki that make my mind blank out.

What did we do well? (That’s how I remember it.)

What can we do better?

I somehow waited for the question:

What went terrible wrong?

Don’t take this thread too serious. All I want to know is, were you surprised by the sudden end of the questions, LOL, I am so used to get question after question from them, that after what was it - 4 questions it was already over.
So I really don’t want to discuss what Viki should do or shouldn’t do, but only what do you think of that questionnaire?


I never received it so I have no opinion.


Ah, but it’s not the first time they send a very brief quesstionnaire like that.
I always found it very superficial, not even scratching the surface. Especially for those of us who have written volumes of suggestions to known problems, who took part in online meetings where people shook their heads in understanding and took copious notes … and then nothing changed … it’s almost insulting. I was like “Are you pulling my leg or what?”
I’ll never answer such a questionnaire again.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I didn’t receive it either… So here is my thought on it… DO a better job distributing your questionnaires. Hahahaha.

I for one actually have a lot of feedback for VIki, which I shall not discuss here, but apparently not important enough to share thoughts… so… :tipping_hand_man:


I suppose that questionnaire is in the QC letter, so only QCs will receive it.

If I am allowed to share the feedback form, may I? Since feedback is still feedback, whether from a QC or a viewer.


I don’t understand why they send us this questionnaire. They already know what we think about them and what we want. :expressionless:


I don’t know… as long as they keep asking, I’ll keep filling them out. It seems like they’ve stopped listening to anything we say on Discussions, anyway. I know they’re short-staffed and didn’t expect the sudden increase in their consumers/customers/audience/whatever due to the pandemic. I wonder how big the problem is… I do know that a sudden increase in viewers causes a lot of complications(on my national council board website, they usually pull down the entire site and display only one html webpage for about a week when our results come out because of the sudden, huge increase in viewers coming to visit the site for their results). How long is the problem going to last? What are those invisible people doing to deserve their salaries? I can’t know.

But if they’re going to ask, I’m going to reply, no matter how many times they keep asking the same questions. At least it’ll help those who are tired of answering questionnaires over and over again.


(HUMOR MODE ON )I looked at the two questions and realized this was pointless, so I deleted it. I mean, I figured “giving a rat about the actual humans/volunteers” was a reasonable thing to say but figured they wouldn’t read it so…maybe adding to their fabulous rakuten ways by hiring volunteers to do what they do better than paid people around here would be a start, given we’re nearly all women and there’s a pandemic on that working remotely saves some lives… How much more OTJ do we need anyway …lol. (Cows will be airborne as well as pigs before this happens so…obviously I jest…) (HUMOR MODE OFF)

I’ve answered nearly every survey over the years, in exhaustive detail. At the moment, it’s starting to feel like they’re asking too little, too late…and not listening anyway.

We’ve asked for the same things over the years. Takes them nearly 2 years to send out a QC gift that’s an email gift card…(something like that). Take all our info. The stickers were…unfortunate, I lost translators when THAT was sent to everybody…“what are we, 8 yo’s” sigh.

I’ve lost track, is there supposed to be another QC gift or ?

Anyway have a great rest of your day or night, whichever it may be. Be safe.

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