Viki Binge Box!

Hello fellow vikians !
So I’ve just received my Viki Binge Box and I wanted to share with you what was inside of it.
If you didn’t know, Viki made a collaboration with SnackFever which is a subscription box full of Korean Snacks.
You can get 3 sizes : Mini, Original and Deluxe. I got the Original one.
I was surprised to get it now because it said that it’d take around 4 weeks to ship for countries other than america but I got it after a week.
Since it was a collab with viki, it came with a code for a free viki pass 1 month trial, but since I already have the viki pass, I gave the code to my friend. It also came with the CUTEST viki chopsticks and a sticker.
The content;

  • 2 Misugaru Drink Mix powder.
  • A packet of Honey TongTong corn chip.
  • A packet of Soy Chip.
  • Ppushu Ppushu. (Ramyun snack)
  • 2 Real Candy strawberry
  • Pororo seaweed
  • 2 sweet rice cake biscuit (they’re so so good)
  • Bibimyun
  • Pocari Sweat (each box comes with a drink)
  • Panda chocokit.
    I’ve attached some pictures, there’s even a sad… but true statement at the bottom of the box x).
    Well now, I’m gonna go ahead and snack while binge-watching Kill Me, Heal Me.
  • Joo. :heart:

thanks for sharing this, this must have been a life experience :laughing:
I love the chop sticks and sticker. Not long ago I took my fabric bag from Viki for grocery
shopping and the cashier looked twice at Viki and asked what it meant; I have to try that more
often :blush:


I just got my first order for the mini box but did mine through Facebook so I didn’t get any Viki merchandise… I got 2 ginger drink packets, 2 chocolate drink packets, 1 strawberry candy chews (like hi chew), Choco Heim chocolate hazelnut wafers (shaped like spiral sticks), 2 chestnut macaroons, yogurt jelly drink and the same ramen snack you had plus about 8 animated cards and 1 Twice photo necklace

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They still sell these boxes… where do you access the link to the order?

This is direct from snack fever… Not the Viki one

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