[Viki Community Team] 2023 Winter Subathon Top 11 Badge Options

Voted for the snow owl but just so you all know I will be suggesting my Badger the next time to (it didn’t even make the list)…
And @sheli reminded me that we need this thread here.


I don’t care that much on which animal will be on the badge. What I care for is: How can we, segmenters and Portuguese subtitlers, make enough contributions since we are being left out from the projects? Seggers can’t segment anything, they are not even allowed to adjust and combine segments now, a lot of time only adjusting bad segs to end up with 0 contributions. What to say from our poor Portuguese subbers now that everything comes pre-subbed? We always were considered to be one of the communities with the most subbers, but now we are being excluded from the community without a word.


Excellent question. How can we make it, @vikicommunity ?


Thanks for linking it :heart:


I’m a Swedish moderator but the thing I like doing most is segmenting (that’s where my dream here at Viki started), so I’m on your side.:heart:


Dear, @vikicommunity.

Voting animals for the new Subathon’s badge it’s not an urgent matter, at least for those of us who will be unable to contribute. I’m sorry to sound rude, but as a Portuguese subber/editor, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to play along since there’s nothing left for me. All the new dramas are coming pre-subbed, we already talked about this matter before on posts, on helps, on tickets etc…


So I see no point for me voting on something that I won’t be able to play as well🤷‍♀️.
I’m worried about what is ahead of us (I mean… Portuguese subber as I can speak for my community - Poor newbies, they didn’t even get a chance to start at here).

And here’s the question… “no statement yet?”
It’s boring to talk to the walls, you know?
Sorry for this, but it’s your turn now.
At least talk to us privately, you know?


Interesting, I guess the Portuguese community doesn’t even have to worry about what animal the badge of this subathon will be, since they won’t be able to get the badge anyway :man_shrugging:


Also, would like to know how to get the badges even if there’s no projects to translate English => Portuguese. It’s difficult for the Brazilian community to keep our routine in Viki.

Please, give us a reply. We deserve that.



Hi fans,
Remember to keep your tone friendly, but effective. :wink::+1:t5:

I voted for the snow owl, thanks to the above post by @simi11.


That’s right Sheli.
When I joined Viki there was still a bit of concern about quality, although there was an attempt to implement Vikiboot, we resisted. We could still organize our teams and really feel like a community. It was fun MAKING THE MAGIC THAT VIKI SAID SO MUCH ABOUT. We were careful not to use terms that weren’t appropriate for a period drama, to use slang at the right time and place, etc… Now we can’t anymore. The segmenters could still combine the scenes (I don’t understand why Viki prohibited it, since the loss of pre-subs is minimal). Will this be the end of the Portuguese-speaking community (mainly BR and PT) and the segmenters? Are Portuguese-speaking volunteer subbers and our fellow segmenters really so disposable?
Do subscribers complain? Yes. But that’s not the end of the world. Viki can’t take it?


Love, and Loved this❣️


Since there are not many projects available, unfortunately the majority of the members of our community (especially segmenters, English-Portuguese and English-Spanish subbers) will not have the opportunity to try to get this badge.


Mine didn’t make the list, either, just like last time. There’s no point in making suggestions, whether it’s for badges or for more urgent matters. Viki does what it wants.


I think you are right… If it wasn’t so we wouldn’t have A only.


I did as well… hopefully Hedwig will win :wink:


And how will we in the Brazilian community receive it? All projects come with subtitles in Portuguese


and who is going to get those badges? the portuguese community isn’t for sure, with all the dramas coming with pre-subs.


It’s sad not possible contribute more… and the pre-subs isn’t god…so we just don’t understand what viki really want with us…


Its a shame what’s happens with the portuguese community, we are the biggest group of volunteers and viki is losting your purpose tha is made by volunteers, you don’t forget that in the past if the community was not present, Viki would not to be what is today. These automatics subtitles is killing the volunteers that do it for years and the new volunteer that one day dreamed about to help the community here.


that’s true, how do you put pre-subs but then need people to revise the work because the quality of the subtitles isn’t good…