[Viki Community Team] 2023 Winter Subathon Top 11 Badge Options

that’s true, how do you put pre-subs but then need people to revise the work because the quality of the subtitles isn’t good…


Dear, @vikicommunity.
Agreeing with everything that has been said here, I also decided to leave my testimony, so here it goes:
As there have not been many projects to translate, I decided to try moderation and managed to enter one, after many failed attempts.
It turns out that this same project comes pre-subbed in portuguese and I can say with certainty that it has been a headache because the subtitles have come horrible, often without the sentences make any sense, because as it was not assembled a subtitling team, I’m reviewing all the segments myself and changing them so that each episode has the minimum quality.
It is unfortunate that this is happening because there is a community of portuguese subbers so large to whom they are taking the opportunity to subtitle, and they can contribute to the delivery of a project is faster and with higher quality.
I say this also as a consumer of the series and films of the platform because sometimes the quality of subtitles in Portuguese is so bad that I choose to see them in English… and who is Portuguese and does not know English, how does the person do?
I sincerely hope that Viki will take into account everything that has been said here and reconsider its position on portuguese subbers and segmenters.


We portuguese subbers who have been here helping the community are really disapointed with how things have been going. It’s been hard to find projects without portuguese subs wich it’s really unfair with us and a lot of new contributors. For us who are moderators too it’s really sad to have to turn down a lot of volunteers who only wants to help. We are one of the largest language with contributors and it’s really sad to see how you guys have been descarting us this easily.

It’s a general concern so we need to find a solution.


I’ve been part of the community for many years, but, lately, it has been extremely hard to find project for the portuguese subbers since most of the projects are coming with pre-subs.
Viki is making us feel like we are disposable and they don’t care about us.


We are being left aside, because now all we have to do is review, we no longer have our team and this is affecting us.

I actually receive several messages trying to join Portuguese teams, and in the end I always have to say, “this program comes with subtitles, we are not recruiting”.
How are we going to do our work, how are the new interested translators who are arriving going to be able to participate if Viki is getting in the way with subtitles included?

I’m on some projects where the quality of the subtitles is terrible. I imagine some drama.s are coming without a team, CM, nothing, just translated into some languages, as they should be.


I couldn’t agree more with all that’s being said here! I love contributing to projects as it makes me feel part of a team! I love seeing my friends complimenting the work of our PT translators and segmenters. So disapointed that us (me and other contributors) aren’t able to find new projects because of Machine Translations, that are, mostly, faulty and inaccurate.


And how will Portuguese volunteers going to get the badge? If we’re not necessary, tell us


Love to choose badge options. Love it more if could help more!
Lately less and less projects required Portuguese translations!

No IA can equal to a real human;)

#vaivouluntariosdept #gohuman


I agree with everything that has been said so far. And I’d like to say that these badges are really unnecessary for the PT-BR community.
Some other platforms with similar content use AI in the translation and I simply stopped watching because the translations didn’t make any sense.
I would like the viki community to appreciate our efforts and keep up the quality of the subtitles so that people here in Brazil and in other Portuguese-speaking countries can continue to watch.


What Viki is doing with Portuguese subtitles is absurd, subtitlers have no projects to work on because the shows come with pre subs, but at the same time someone still has to do all the work anyway because the pre subs are wonky and make no sense. Nobody wants to watch shows with weird subtitles, they will turn to other sources. And we are supposed to vote for badge animals? How will we even get badges with no projects?


Receiving a new badge is undoubtedly exciting, but with numerous pre-subbed projects being added left and right, it feels as though the Portuguese community is no longer needed. How can we find enthusiasm in earning badges when there are no projects available for us to contribute to? The editor role remains the only position for us to strive for, yet the points gained through editing are insufficient to attain these badges. Not to mention the segmenters who have been tirelessly working without receiving any points.

@vikicommunity, we deserve a response! It is high time for an open and transparent statement regarding your plans for this community. If you believe that we are no longer necessary, please inform us. Do not remain silent towards the people who have contributed to your current standing. If you still wish to uphold the idea of a “community of volunteers”, it is crucial to heed the voices of us, the volunteers. On the other hand, if you intend to prioritize pre-subbed projects over the community, please inform us so that we may be aware of what the future holds. There is nothing more disconcerting than being left in the dark.


The only thing I can say is disappointment. I would never have the courage to calculate how many hours I spent at Viki subtitling, how many times I heard friends and family telling me that I was wasting my time doing for free what people charge outrageous prices to do. But I really didn’t care for any of it. Viki was a platform that made me feel appreciated, I belonged to this amazing community with incredible people who shared their talents with the same goal of spreading inspiring stories and cultures. It has been weeks that I try to find a new project and I’m not able to. Viki’s philosophy has changed and we don’t hear a word from the staff. All the new Portuguese dramas that I had the chance to watch were with bad segmenting and terrible subtitles (it is different to have some quality results when money is all what it takes); we were so careful about keeping words from the original subtitles in order to respect countries cultures and stories, now I see subtitles far from the original, swap of gender ( they aren’t even able to figure which name is male and which is female). And let’s not talk about all the unnecessary swearing in expressions that could have been softened making the scenes more vulgar than what they supposed to be. I was able to learn so much about other countries cultures in my first months at viki when I still wasn’t a volunteer thanks to all the hard work of the Portuguese community and their excellent subtitles. I don’t know about my future in this new platform (this is not Viki anymore) but I know for sure that, aiming only for profits, Viki is going to lose so much more in quality and viewers than what they are expecting. I really hope that they figure it out before it is too late. :disappointed:


I’m agree with you ! :wink: Robot don’t are necessary. Viki’s magic it’s made by volunteers!

With robot translators, volunteers will lose their jobs as translators! And people pay less attention to translation quality.

Don’t let the magic of Viki and its volunteers die a slow death by replacing human translation with robot translation!


Are there delays in translations into Portuguese?


well, I dont see why, I should choose the animal bagde, sinse all the shows are coming with subtitles in portuguese, and I wont be getting one. I’m helping with sub since 2018, and in the last couple months was so hard to find ONE show to help. And everybody is subbing so fast, nervous that wont have a next show to translate. The way I see we’ll no be needed And you guys just used us to get your fame, and now is all about the money. Is really sad, cuz i love be able to sub anbd recommend viki to my friends, and show what we do it.


What is happening with the Portuguese language community is the future of other communities that are already coming with pre-subs as well. It’s not just our community that spends months waiting for an episode to be released to be translated. It is this waiting that has to be resolved. And don’t take away the chance for community volunteers.


My previous post was censored by someone because I said that Portuguese translations are delayed because we wait months for an episode. Viki can’t deal with this and doesn’t want complaints from subscribers. So it’s easier to leave subbers with nothing. All we have to do is be an editor and everyone knows that production drops a lot.:rose:


Editing is so much harder that subbing well from the beginning. It drains a person. Besides, we all know that not everybody is cut out to be an editor, even if they have all the desire to become one.

Still, I hope most Portuguese contributors at least consider if this might be something for them. It would be sad to leave Portuguese subs in that god awful state that Viki serves them to the viewers.


They won’t even let anyone read it, they use to have the link to open the flag, now it’s just not available. It’s only been three hours since it was posted.


With all the dramas coming with pre-subtitles, I wonder how many, from the communities being affected, will get this badge.
Not to mention all the correction we, editors, need to do because of the bad quality translations, this is taking all the opportunity and fun from the volunteers.
I hope @vikicommunity can give us an explanation, so that we can decide to move on or not.