[Viki Community Team] An Update on A&C Segmenting and Rewards

I wrote no such thing.

You are beyond rude and you are twisting my words and now you are openly admittiing that you have no respect whatsoever for me. Well, then this is also the end of the respect I used to have for you. You don’t have to reply anymore and you can mute all you want. I am done with you. Bye bye, Irmar.

It’s the end of an era. :cry:

it’s true that segmenting is much more interesting and fun than A&C.

We already know that Viki is trying to rely less and less on volunteers. In the beginning, it was just a platform for subtitling random videos. Then the drama fans/volunteers came along and turned the website into a streaming platform for Asian dramas. Now, they get rid of us but want us to correct their segments and subtitles…


My stake in this isn’t anywhere near the active contributors since life’s kept me away from working on dramas, but I’m glad to see this finally resolved. I do think it’s about the best solution we can ask for right now, but I only wish the segmenting experience could be overhauled on a technical level as there are so many additional steps and tricks we learn in NSSA only made necessary by the myriad glitches and quirks the current interface has. I don’t like the idea that a segment when replaying vs. playing the first time can have completely different starting and ending points based on HOW you go about the repeat, I wish we had finer tuned controls, I wish we could place subtitles on other places of the screen than dead bottom center (anyone who’s worked on a variety show knows this pain), and wish we had an editor that promised WYSIWYG-- it would improve onboarding for new segmenters immensely.

Part of what I deeply prefer about segmenting vs A&C is that when we segment, we have the ability to handle pacing in a natural way, something that feels pleasant and we get a sense of based on our experience working on similar shows. Most of what I ended up working on here on Viki was CDramas, and that meant we were doing cleanup work for shows that were blatantly machine translated where every second or third word is a caption and on-screen text means it’s time to ball up and have a cry. This is kind of an agonizing experience and feels like more time investment for worse results.

Beyond that, I feel that there was a crucial slip. Communication from Viki’s end was very poor about these changes. I’m glad that through the hard work of the incredible folks that keep NSSA and in communication with the main company, a solution was found for these multi language pre-subs shows. But at the end of the day, there’s only so much volunteers can do on their own. I feel that more should have been done on the company side to make sure we have the tools we need to effectively do our part, and when it comes to major changes like the wave of Adjust Only and multi-presub shows, we really needed way more clear unified communication than we got as I found myself pretty much scratching my head the entire time it was going on. I’m VERY glad that this has changed and that the situation was resolved with much clearer communication and I hope this is the new standard going forward with any major changes.

I appreciate Viki as a platform; I no longer have my QC status due to my hiatus but I intend to keep subscribing until I earn it back. Still, I feel that the soul is being lost. Part of that can’t be helped now that every streaming service is trying to cash in on the demand for kdramas and similar content and there’s more competition for licensing shows, but I miss the Global TV direction, bilingual subs/learn mode options, etc. and hope some day they can pivot back to the direction of Global TV with room for other regions-- no idea if that’s financially viable in the current climate, but one can dream.


THIS^ I started watching Eye Love You on ■■■■■■■ (because it got there first) only the Japanese was subbed. The Korean was completely unsubbed. Got 2 episodes in gave up and waited for Viki to get it.