[Viki Community Team] December Updates

Yes, that’s a valid question!
But I think that this new dashboard will be something seen only by ourselves. Whereas our “official” page is to be seen by others, and it is also on a separate website, so in theory it should remain untouched. Right? Right?

My question, on the other hand, is whether we can customize the content, putting there what is really useful for us. Frankly I don’t need any of this, I have made my “About” page just as I like it, with all the info I need on my fingertips. But I can see how a new volunteer can profit from such a dashboard, since many of them don’t ever even bother to visit the Help section.


Good question! I would also like to know about it, because I use my “about” page to know which projects I’m included in and should edit or to segment!

Hi @joysprite - That’s a great question, thanks for asking!

The dashboard is separate from the About page, so no worries about that going away! When released, the dashboard will be accessible via https://contribute.viki.com/ and it will be visible only to the user logged in.

Viki Community Team


I did get this dashboard and I liked that something was done for the volunteers. But it’s nothing like this picture. Are things still getting done or something? I can just see some hyperlinks.

On that note, my personal ranking is still missing from https://contribute.viki.com/

@twinkling The dashboard modules are curated differently for different tiered volunteers.

What you see on the screenshot we shared is for a new volunteer, hence the detailed guides on how to be a segmenter, subtitler, as well as links to our guidelines and rules.

As you have reached the QC status and have a certain level of experience, the dashboard you see is slightly different.

This is done to cater to the needs of volunteers who are at different stages of their journey contributing at Viki. Be sure to leave your thoughts and feedback at the feedback link you can find on the dashboard.

Finally, as shared in this pinned post, we are aware that personal ranking is currently not showing up for volunteers. The team is currently investigating and your patience is appreciated.


The dashboard is already here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I like the dashboard with the access links!! For existing QC’s it’s very similar to the profile page but in light mode :wink:


@jeslynl if I lookunder more and leaderbiard ai still can see all Volunteers till rank 50, but not mine. Will this be changed? Because I would like to see my rank too and not the rank from others only.

@teufelchen_netty_266 Definitely! As shared with twinkling above, and also in this pinned post, our team continues to look into this issue. We will share updates as soon as we can, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.


Thank you.

Thank you Jeslynl!
I still really appreciate that there was something done for the volunteers, be it old or new. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:


I don’t know where to put this.
I wanted to edit a subtitle and couldn’t change the subtitle.
The message was “Error” and the page was loading for an indefinite time after this.
I reloaded the page and wanted to edit again, I got the same thing.

I looked better and saw that there was already a previous entry for this box and that this previous subtitle was what I wanted to put. So, I selected the previous entry instead of writting.

Is there a way for the software to recognize like before that the subtitle already existed and for the page to not reload?

Thank you

Hi @adreamer - please reach out to us via the Help Center, with screenshots and a detailed description of the issue (like in your post) if possible, so the team can understand and look into the issue. Thank you!

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Thank you! I will be patient and wait for the issue to be solved because I don’t have time. Edition was delayed already, so I will just delay it again until I find a proper time to do it.

I got the dashboard as shown in the picture just now and I seriously love the layout. It’s white, which is definitely a plus, in addition to that, the badges look the way they used to look a long time ago, looking cute!
Seriously, the page looks extremely cute and good.
Thanks, Viki!


With regard to the item at the end of this newsletter that states your offices will be CLOSED from 12/24 though 1/4/2021…I’m glad you’re going to enjoy some holidays, but I’d appreciate if it you would tell us the following:

  1. Will there be a community person on call - or at least checking email periodically? It would be nice if you could post that to us here so we know who to contact if anyone. “get in line at help center” isn’t that much help if everybody else is there besides volunteers and we’re trying to work here?

  2. Even more important - is there a list of IT people on call for this on a 24/7 day a week basis during this vacation - and how can we ask for them directly? Again, “get in line at the help center” is less help to us working for you actually - even for free?

Things happen. Videos break down, tools have moments where they fail to operate, and sometimes the world around here sometimes has a server moment…lol.

I for one would like to see that you guys care for our time spent here while you are off, in that you will make sure this site is kept together while your office is officially closed. In theory, year-end also brings us possibly more volunteer time for you to use as some folks too may be on a vacation this year, either usual or unintentional for this two week period. I guess it’s up to you guys to capitalize on this resource or not, so just let us know. :slight_smile: As a CM etc, I’d like to be able to give a better line to my teams if something breaks here other than “well, fill out a ticket”…and…wait.

Thanks for listening.

GeNie of the Lamp

p.s. I really don’t see why I need a “dashboard” …a mailbox that did not lose my emails and require constant refreshing - with say, at least 2 folders? and a way to recover a deleted email cause you can’t help but hit the wrong thing as it reloads…? Anyway maybe somebody wants/needs it, I now just go directly to my eps, actually. (sigh) I mean, who filled out a fabulous survey and asked for a dashboard?

@twinkling, do you see Announcements section? I don’t have it (yet). And it’s probably the only thing new we’re going to see in the Dashboard anyway.

Also, maybe, since Viki is just shifting elements/tools from Overview on the Profile pages to Dashboard, they might want to make sure those elements are indeed functional, as I discuss it further here.

I second deadliftdiva_548 in the sentiments that the technical service can’t really shut down completely for us volunteering folks. We’re not talking here about small glitches here and there for individual users. What happens if the Segment Timer or Subtitle Editor crashes during the Christmas-New Year break? It has happened before, this is all just my PTSD talking :grimacing:

P.S. Haven’t received the newsletter with that information either. Last newsletter came in October.

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You meant the announcements that are next to messages in inbox, right? If that’s the one you’re talking about, then they are still visible to me.
I am still not aware of the use of it. It’s been useless to me till now.

Oh, no, I didn’t mean those. If you take a look at the original post, there is a box on the Dashboard which reads Announcements.

But if they’re going to just move the Announcements from the Inbox, the ones you mentioned, I’m not sure there is any point, either.

There was and is no point in this at all anyway. They have been doubtlessly working long hours to produce something unneeded, when our Inbox is gae ttong - if you get my drift.
I have a huge list of necessary improvements the inbox needs, and they are just wasting precious time for this. Oh well… We shouldn’t be surprised, because it has been obvious from a long time that their priorities and to-do lists are vastly different than ours.


After years of waiting, hoping, believing, relaying suggestions, completing surveys… I am inclined now to agree with you wholeheartedly on this point. It’s spot on!

Why can’t the inbox be truly improved to aid volunteers’ productivity and not the other way around? Why must it be “upgraded” in such a way where it actually is of little improvement to the previous version, let alone of little help? Though I would give it a plus for effort and good intent, when I/we have to scroll and scroll (and delete conversations one at a time) each and every day, and still not be able to get to (or search) the read/unread messages (current or past), the frustration builds and the faith decreases. I’ve actually compiled a list of what needed to be changed or included since this version was implemented, but seeing @irmar’s list is still awaiting attention, and many other suggestions in another thread are as well… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If I/we may (once again) ask, plead, beg… If no further improvements or changes will be made to the current inbox: Can we have the old compact version back, please?