[Viki Community Team] March 2020 Updates - The New Inbox! ✨


I have this problem only on Chrome. I tried it on Edge and there I can scroll down, but I prefer use Chrome, too. My frustration really is with “enter”, I already lost the number of times I forgot to press shift and the message sends halfway. :woman_facepalming:t2:


i am also agree:)


did you try Opera?


Yes, it’s the first one I tried after Chrome.
I tried Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.


I don’t have this issue on any browser, I can scroll down to see all my messages (even though it’s impractical, but that’s not the topic here). The bug must come from something else. I guess you can try to clear your cache and cookies, but I’m not sure it’ll change something.


I already tried to do it (clear my cache and cookies) but it’s still not working. But it’s finally working on my phone. So for now I use my phone to look at my inbox for olders messages but I hope everything will be fixed soon


I don’t know if more people have this problem, but I can’t see long messages in the inbox. Nothing happens if I click on the arrow downwards. It happens even to my own messages.


Now, I shall admit to completely giving up trying to get down to the live messages I had below this mess. I can’t find the editing notes, and it’s just …hours of time wasted trying to get through the morass of messages that now seem interminably stacked over my actual work which I did have organized and could yes, find, before my entire sent message queue was thrown on top of them. Release a few eps, with a few mods on each…and voila. You are buried.

I still wish for this train wreck of an “upgrade” to be rolled back, into some semblance of the former orderly state where we might find SOMETHING WE NEED. But…this seems to be entirely falling upon deaf ears.

At this point, I can only HOPE that some folks frustrated in NOT HEARING BACK WILL SEND AGAIN. :frowning: That’s a pathetic state of communication, but it’s all I have. :frowning:

GeNie. :frowning:


I agree too :slight_smile:
Mass deleting messages it´s no more…I need it…I hate seeing unread messages here, after I already read them on my phone.


Today it lost messages - things I was sure I’d hit send and got confirmation off, they did not get sent and I’m not alone on this one today. another unfortunate trend…


Hi dear all I hope you got all this Survey that viki sent recently, since I did not got it directly and many of the other moderators either then I sent this here so we can all fill it, thanks :smiley: @teufelchen_netty_266 @lutra @idbarka @denisse_bach @cgwm808 @sandia28 @danylor @saritarodriguez


I got the survey via email – I don’t recall getting in the viki inbox


Yeah, we didn´t got it in our personal email or inbox


Didn’t get this one either, and I finally got to vent one of my frustrations there:))). I don’t think this will help in any way in that matter, but at least I spoke up. And that’s all thanks to you^^


Now I’m a CM I really start to hate the inbox more. As a CM I always send mass PM’s to people to ask if they want to join the team. Now I can still do that but need to add the people one by one. Also if I send it to 15 people and one of them replies to me, all the other 14 people will see that reply too. I don’t like that, not that it’s invading my privacy but why should person B know what person A replied to me? Today I decided to send a message one by one but then there is an another problem: You have one box so all the messages I send are on top of all the messages I receive. I cannot delete those otherwise the people whom I did send them too cannot reply. So now with my latest mass PM I decided to switch of replies but that feels a bit rude…

Hopefully Viki can fix it.


Does anyone know how to get the inbox emails? The setting for the emails is switched on, yet I don’t receive the emails for the GOs. :frowning: I get emails for replies to my discussion posts, but not for my personal inbox.


You mean this information?


I think she means e-mail notifications about new messages in the Viki inbox.


Lutra gave the general guide “How do I turn on/off email notifications for new inbox messages?” and “When will I receive email notifications for new messages?

As far as I know, this is what I have experimented:

  • I don’t receive on gmail the first message from A, I receive on gmail one of the answers from B like:
    “Thank you!”

So I don’t receive all notification on gmail (It’s different from the previous mailbox) and I don’t know what drama they’re talking about or what it is about.

So later, I check the whole thread on Viki mailbox to understand the parts skipped.

  • I received messages from people asking to subtitle a drama where I’m not part of the team (x1 or x2).
    The message looks like one from Project Finder, but I am not sure, because they just ask to subtitle the drama in general, but don’t specify the episode.

  • I am not sure I received all notifications because of the first instance (the first message followed by others’ answer or single message without any answer yet).

  • I don’t know when we receive the notification compared to the time it was sent, bec compared to previous mailbox, I receive the notifications later.

In short, maybe don’t rely yet on the notification, you might not receive them all and/or later like in my case.


Thank you everyone for your replies, I will read up on this inbox issue. Piranna, yes, I do sometimes get the replies instead of the actual GO for the episode, but recently, I haven’t been receiving any notification whatsoever. I will try to play around with the settings