[Viki Community Team] October 2019 Updates

Hi community,

In our efforts to provide more transparency and improve communications, moving forward, the Community Team will be sharing more information and updates here on Discussions. We welcome you to share your feedback, ideas, and suggestions by responding to our posts!

The New Help Center

The Help Center has a new look and feel!

A new Request a TV Show or Movie form is available on the Help Center. This has replaced the old request a title form, which is no longer active. But don’t worry if you submitted requests recently! We have that information on file.

Website Updates

[1] The TV Guide and Celebrities links have been removed from the main page dropdown

TV Guide can still be accessed directly on viki.com/tv-guide

As a Community member, please feel free to share with us here how you use the TV Guide, as this will help us with potential improvements! We want to hear how you use the TV Guide currently, and any suggestions you may have for it.

[2] A Watch Later section has been added under Watch History on the homepage

[3] Starting end of October, all new shows will be set as Designated Channels by default.

This means channel team members only can enter the subtitle editor tool for every new show moving forward. *The expected start date for this is Oct. 25.

Additional Updates – [Edited Oct. 17, 2019]

Hi everyone,

We’re following up with a few more updates.

[1] Designated Channels Update

  1. All channels have been set as designated. Therefore, channel team members only can enter the subtitle editor tool.

  2. Logged-in users that are not channel members can no longer access Team Notes, Team Discussion, Chatter, and Activities.

[2] TV Guide Feedback

Thanks for letting us know how you use the TV Guide! This is very helpful and we’ll be bringing it back to the team who has worked on this.

[3] Title Request Form

Thanks for letting us know about the language view. We’re forwarding that to the appropriate team to look into. We’ve also been informed some people were having trouble accessing or viewing the form, and they’ll also be looking into that.

[4] Inbox Updates

Thanks for sharing the previous posts about inbox feature requests. Our team is aware of these and have been sharing them with the team working on the new inbox! We hope to be able to share more detailed inbox updates with you soon.


Thanks for reading and we welcome you to share your feedback in this post. Just as a friendly reminder, please follow the Viki Discussions guidelines here.

– Viki Community Team


I don’t know if it is a bug or should be like that, if another language than English is chosen e.g. German I see German words for the topics but if I click on it it says I don’t have permission so the help page/articles only work when the language is set to English.

Plus I was looking for the new title request form until I realized it was not a screenshot but a direct implementation of the form…


For me, the TV Guide is something I visit every day or every couple day, it’s something important to keep track of my shows.
I really wish you’d get it back on the main page as it was.
I don’t even really understand why did you remove it in the first place!


I live in Germany I never change to the language German. So it is kind of irritating to look at this.
The form is in English the rest is in German, shouldn’t it go by what language I chose rather than my location? Will it be different, if I stay in another country or is there another issue that “activates” the language? (German in my case)

Definition of “recently” please, one week, one month …?

I have not used it in a while since I stopped watching on -air dramas.

I think I won’t be the only one who has a collection for that matter, I might change it, if I find the time, but I am not really sure since the main page is really not attracting me in any way.

I would like to have a functional explore page. Right now it states 2000 shows, when I filter TV only I still have 2000 shows. When I use the filter “Viki Pass Standard” I want to see the shows listed available to me, for real. Not Standard in the Americas. And I would like the filter for the year back.
That’s all for now.
Thanks for the information about the new channels, so that teams won’t be surprised at the beginning of a new drama.

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I use the TV guide for various things.

  1. To see which projects I have air on what day when they started airing or are about to air soon (If viki added them already that is).
  2. As a normal TV guide to see what Kdrama and other things I watch on Viki air on which days.

Would be great if that link is put back where it was or even be more visible as it was for everyone because in the comment sections of various channels people beg for new episodes or why an episode is not there yet when it’s not an airing day for that Kdrama/Jdrama or other content. You don’t stop all the annoying begging but maybe a little.


The title request via Help center tells me that I’m not allowed to see the site. Maybe a bug in the German version.

And just a heads up when you discuss the Geoblocking for the volunteers with your legal team, Netflix is getting more and more Korean Shows that are blocked on VIKI for us Germans. Even if the subtitles are worse and I miss the comments, I want to watch the shows. It makes no sense to volunteer my time to VIKI if I can’t get access to the shows.


About the title page, I really like Watch Later function. But I would love it even better if the Watch History would be limited to just one episode per series (aka the last episode seen) :slight_smile:

But, about the new Help Center… I really like the initial simple design. But could you also add a button to Discussions? It’s really important to network with the new volunteers, and the Discussions is (for now) the best place for it.

In the same lines, “Ask the Community” name of the button is slightly deceiving, as most of the volunteer community is here, in the Discussions. While the button takes you to…

Community Forum - What the heck is that now?!
Viki Ideas

Are you trying to switch us over from Discussions to the Help Center?


I use the TV guide every day to see what dramas that I’m working on are scheduled. I also check it to see if the drama has been uploaded or still listed as Coming Soon. This way everything is in one place. I also look ahead to see what dramas may be coming that I may want to work on or that I’m on the team and didn’t know when the drama was starting.


Can we get a better way of moderating our PMs and notifications? e.g deleting them in the message overview…?

I got almost 200 new notifications now, most are probably doubled and more for the same VIKI strike info letter but if one followsseveral channels you’ll get a huge amount of notifications and can’t even delete them next to the message text box or scroll through all messages. Instead you have to go back to main inbox overview for EVERY single message, that is super annoying and time consuming…even 15 year old fan forums I know have a better option menu for PMs…

(The only way to deal with 200 notification messages is to delete all at once…and maybe delete also messages that should be read before…)

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There is a great number of suggestions for improving the Viki mail and inbox posted by irmar on the Viki Ideas. This is it.
I really think Viki should take this as a sort of guideline for designing the new inbox.

It’s a bit old but still accurate. :laughing:


Thanks for linking that. The updated/improved version is on my general Suggestions document, here. Make sure to enable Document Map View to see the structure. However, mailbox is among the first items so you should find it quickly.

The fact is that they have already been planning their own mailbox update. Which may or may not coincide with what we want.

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I have such high hopes for that. It’d better be good!

Don’t hold your breath … There is a history here, of us asking for some things to make our life and work easier and them making something completely different than what was really needed.
But let’s be positive and wait patiently.


Lol! Yes. So freaking sad.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the notes on your use of the TV Guide as well as any additional feedback. We have a few more updates, and the original post has been edited to include them.

– Viki Community Team


@vikicommunity Hey, I’m wondering if when the November updates will be posted? Just wondering if the updates will continue to be posted. Maybe also if this is the case just saying that not much was achieved would be nice, just so we know what the status is.

Hi @juliasreise,

November updates will be posted next week (most likely around the 20th). We’ve just been waiting on final details on some upcoming releases to be confirmed. Thanks so much everyone for your patience!

– Viki Community Team


Thanks a lot for the answer! I will be looking out for it then.


It’s the help center:

When you encounter a problem and seek help from Viki staff (account, billing, ep not working…), you can open a ticket up in the right corner. It’s “submitting a request”.
It allows you to provide them personal information or to follow the resolution of your problem in private.

Your ticket will only be read between Viki staff and you, whereas a public help center’s request is seen by everyone.

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