Viki Company

I am interested in finding out:
–How does Viki check that the subbers are qualified or know the language?
–How do people find out about Viki?

If you could link me to any websites or where there are answers, that will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Viki doesn’t manage subtitling asides from appointing a channel manager (CM) to each project/drama.

Each CM has her/his own way of choosing the optimal language moderators/subbers.


That makes sense, I was wondering about the process. Thank you for your reply

Thinking about it, I feel that one of the new changes here at RViki, should be to concentrate on finding a way to asses and recruit new subbers based on their translations skills.

We have very few Korean (Chinese) subbers, and way too many dramas on air (new and old alike), so the subtitles are delayed bc ‘‘of the lack of enough Korean/Chinese to English translators available’’

We wouldn’t be having that problem of people begging for subs if we can get more Korean/Chinese subbers volunteering here. Like, some say that they speak and write the language but I see how they are not recruited in the dramas. Is obvious their English has flaws but the editors can fix that.

I basically see the same group in Korean (or Chinese) dramas and that’s too much work for them, and in the long run there is delay in the subs bc there’s so much they can do. The English editors are scarce too so we need to find ways to get more English editors here at this site.

I was thinking that if we could test individuals and asses their skills it would be much easier to assign them in different dramas depending on the level of their ability to sub in a specific language. The proficient subbers can be assigned to on air dramas, the ones that are not that proficient can be assigned to fan channels etc…

We can do like they do when training segmenters except it has to be a little different. In my case for example, I took in many subbers but warned them I could tell if they were using translators only for all their subtitles, and that was unacceptable to me.

I was willing to let them use a translator as long as it wasn’t for the whole sentence. I worked with them and edited their work and explained to them WHAT they did wrong and how not to make the same mistakes. Sadly, most ignored completely my suggestions and made the same mistakes costing me hours of editing. When that happened, and I saw no changes in their work I removed them as a subber.

Nobody is perfect, and perfection should not be the goal here. The goal here is to have more subbers available to work as volunteers here at RakutenViki, so we have more satisfied subscribers and the dramas fully subbed at a timely manner.

I don’t understand why a 27 or less minute episode has to take days to be fully subbed.

Maybe you can add suggestion here as to how new volunteers can be tested to asses their translation skills. A while back I was given a quiz and although I didn’t agree with the grading I received, I feel the quiz was a great idea. So my suggestion would be to quiz the person but we have to make sure we time them like I would give them the quiz and make sure they did it in 5 or 10 minutes at the most.

What you guys suggest besides a quiz?