Viki Fan Channels

I’m wondering… what does it mean when your channel is a “fan channel”?
Does it mean that the channel is not linked on the categories or something?

it means that, for whatever reason, viki doesn’t have the license for that show. so the episodes are not uploaded by viki, they’re on other video streaming sites like youtube and the channel manager links them to viki. and i’m not sure about this but i think that fan channels can be immediately deleted if the company that made the movie or series or whatever demands it.

Yup, I think they can be deleted immediately…the channel for One Ok Rock and Miura Haruma just vanished one day… :frowning:

Yes fanchannels can be deleted if the content owner asks… also the YT/dailymotion sourced links can be gone any time. Fanchannels can become licensed channels if Viki get’s a license for them later but they don’t get a license for everything.

But how come you didn’t know this yet? You are a manager of quite a few fanchannels.

Every channel that is user created starts out as a fan channel. For some dramas, Viki will acquire a license to legally have the show on the site. In that sense, fan channels don’t have the “right” to be on here, and they can be removed if the content owner requests for it to be so.

In terms of how they work differently in practice. Official channel videos are managed by Viki itself, and the videos come from the company that owns/produces the show (or something like that). Usually, official channels have restrictions to what languages they can be translated to and/or where they can be viewed from.

Fan channel videos are added by a designated person/contributer (a channel manager, an uploader, etc.) on the channel. The videos are hosted not on Viki, but on other sites (either Youtube or Dailymotion). Fan channels, like previously mentioned, can be removed by Viki for legal reasons. In addition, the video source (YT, DM) can also remove the videos if they get a copyright notice from the content owners.

So with fan channels, depending on certain factors, you do run the risk of channel removal and/or losing your work.

With respect to your second question. From what I’ve noticed, fan channels don’t show up in the browse section of the site if you’re viewing by “recently added.” (Not sure if this is intentional or not, as I remember there was a while where fan channels were there as well.)

A Fan Channel is an unofficial channel created by fans, guided by our terms of service. Fan Channels can become official channels if and when Viki obtains the license for it.

As you know licensing can be very complicated. To learn a bit more about the licensing process at Viki, please check out this blog post, written by our CEO.


I WAS…during the old Viki. Most of these channels are gone now.

is there any possibility for video on fan channel to be uploaded to the same host like the official one… for minimalist bugs maybe :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure official channels have their videos hosted on Viki’s servers. But they’ve paid for rights to be hosting said videos.
Fan channels/videos on the other hand are hosted off-site for the same reason - Viki hasn’t purchased rights to host those videos. (Or something like that.)

No that’s not possible unless those video’s get licensed but then they are no fanchannels anymore.
If Viki would host any series they don’t have a license for (fanchannels) they get in trouble with the law.

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the video still uploaded by volunteer, just with the same host.
and viki can delete that video at anytime they got complain from video owner, just like youtube…^^
i’am a fanchannel segger, and i feel there’s a huge difference between them…

@udas The point is that Viki itself hosts the videos on official channels. There’s no other video hosting site involved.

There’s a decent difference between using official, youtube, and dailymotion videos. It’s somewhat smoother/easier with official videos I guess, but the difference isn’t so great.

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this the difference…

fan channel


, more segment that i make, more heavy its gonna be and on that both picture am not made segment yet. with that i cannt make proper segment
my pc maybe not a high end but it’s not too bad, last time i do segment i could encoding video while segmenting, but last night that what happening
, on official if i leave or close segment timer, anytime am back to that page again, browser no need to load the video since cache not cleared yet, so i can turn on my download manager… ^^

I’m not into those advanced things, but it’s totally understandable that a fanchannel vid is more heavy. Why? Because it needs to load from an external site like YT/Dailymotion and the timer loading speed depends on how fast YT loads it first so everything works twice as hard.

But still it’s not an option Viki hosts fanchannels too even if those video’s are uploaded by volunteers. If you think it’s an option though write the help center and make that suggestion if you didn’t do that already. Maybe they reply faster there then they do here.

@mariko how long does it usually take for a channel to be approved? It says 72 hours but if I dont receive a confirmation during that time, should I consider it denied or should I still wait for Viki’s response? I’ve submitted a channel and haven’t heard from you guys since last week.


Do they really say 2 days? I’ve always had to wait at least a week before I get a response. …And I’m not certain, but I think you’ll get a message if your channel isn’t approved as well. So just hang tight?

I just got a message about a channel I submitted a week and a half (or two weeks?) ago.

I’m also waiting for 2 channels to be approved or not but I don’t think they will be as I was very surprised there was no channel for it yet.

They say that but really mean 2 weeks. I’ve been there.

I try to use the official videos for my channels.I only use others if the voice is off or there’s another problem. If not I used hardsubbed videos. That way, the video won’t be unavailable for users.

I wonder if its the same for music and actor channels. Im trying to open a music channel. But since i read oneokrock was gone i think if i started a broken valentine one it would be gone as well. I guess i will stilck to the english route. since i am guessing it would be easier for them.