Viki I know running a site can be expensive BUT

Up until recently I was a paying Viki Pass member, but the card I used has expired and I didn’t update the new card info in time for this months payment.

But I came to the site to watch the drama " Whats happening to my family" and what happened was before it started I got 5 commercials in a row, then about 3 mins of the drama and then 4 more commercials in a row.

Dont you think that 9 commercials with 3 mins of drama is a bit much??

Seriously there are to many free sites out there, who not only have a more user friendly sites to top it off the sites work.

Here you are using subbers who do it for free, while judging from the amount of commercials I was just forced to watch in a very short period you seem to be making money hand over fist, but yet your site is broken, subbers cant sub, members cant watch and still you want us to pay to watch.

I guess I have some serious thinking to do as to whether I come back as a member or not.


5 mins of drama and 4 more commercials well the same 2 commercials played twice.

5 1/2 mins of drama the same 2 commercials as before of which one was played twice and 2 new and different ones for a grand total of 5 commercials for 5 mins of drama.

6mins of drama and just before the preview of next weeks episode 5 commercials and again some just repeated twice.
so that makes 18 commercials for 16 and 1/2 mins of drama.
hummmmm dont you think that is a bit excessive?

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Ok, there’s something wrong with the communication between Viki servers and your browser. I just checked on my mom’s computer (also free user) and it had one-two commercials per 10 min of viewing.

Is it still happening? If so, contact Viki help centre.

Although, I get annoyed with the commercials being a pass member here is cheaper than some competitor sites. I will say the only thing that keeps me from being a current pass member is some of the shows I want to see are not on Viki and nothing to do with price. Viki is my fave site because of fan interaction and the wonderful subbers. If a few more shows were added and I had extra money I would be a pass member.

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