Viki info in Google searches

Curious about how Viki’s marketing/advertising/public relations people decide to promote the website.

When I do a Google search, the top item on the list says:

Viki - Korean Drama, Taiwanese Drama, Bollywood, Anime and …

Watch Asian TV shows and movies online for FREE! Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Japanese dramas, Kpop & Kdrama news and events by Soompi, and original productions – subtitled in English and other languages.

When I do a search for “Bollywood” on the Viki website, I get the message: “Sorry, there are no results.”

When I do a search for “anime,” I get a list that shows one animated program not available in my region and a whole bunch of live action programs that I assume are based on manga or anime.

So, as far as I’m concerned, Viki does NOT show either Bollywood movies or anime. Somebody needs to fix how Viki shows up in Google searches, don’t you think?


That’s hilarious, there is not a single Indian film/show on viki right now. The only animations I watched on viki was blackjack and Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil which are no longer available in my region. There are four films/tv shows from Bangladesh on viki right now.

If you search in Project Finder under Bangladesh or India, you’ll find a list of Indian dramas/movies. These may be “projects in progress”, that’s if you need the subtitles. The list below is not exhaustive.

For (Asian) “anime” (“animation” or “animated films”) there aren’t many on Viki (which is not known for animes, but mainly for K-dramas). The few on the list from a search:

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OK. I’ll take a look at the suggestions made. It’s good to know that Viki is (sort of) not guilty of false advertising.

I think my point would be that anyone clicking on the top Google search result for Viki, thinking, “Aha, anime and Bollywood!” and doing a site search with those terms would be very disappointed.

I realize that, on Viki, the variety of TV dramas and movies under the heading of “Asian” is very diverse, and some of them are ten years old or more, so finding them might be a challenge.

I like police and lawyer shows–anything with the general theme of “fighting for justice!” And three of my faves I found by accident. I don’t remember how originally. Just now, I found them by doing a word search for “justice.”

I didn’t find them by searching for “Hong Kong.” Doing that gave me one show–Nogizaka46 Meets Asia! (Hong Kong Version)–and a long list of actors and actresses from Hong Kong plus Korean actors and actresses with names Kang Hong Seok and Sa Kang.

So . . . I guess that the problem, aside from my being anal-retentive, is that the Viki search engine sucks just a tiny bit.

(One thing I find weird is that, on Viki, as a US subscriber, I watched these shows just fine a couple of years ago, and now they say “content is not available in your region.” Hmm.)

Maybe what I should say, to be on a positive note, is, “Wow, considering how many shows Viki has available, and how many possible categories they could fit in, it’s relatively easy to find cool stuff.”

Okay, this part is simple. Those shows lost their license since the time you watched them. When Viki - or any other legal streaming site- buys a license, it is for specific regions and for a specific number of years. Once the time is over, the license can be re-negotiated if Viki wishes to extend it (because it sees that it’s still popular with viewers) and if the content provider (TV ior film company) agrees. If they don’t come to an agreement, the show disappears completely. If they come to an agreement but only for certain regions, those regions can see it but others cannot.

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