Viki is now on roku

Click away or whatever it is you do to access roku.

Only partly. It seems that many shows are not showing up on the ROKU channel.

That might be due to licensing restrictions of those shows…

Might be, which is actually kind of dumb on the licensees part. Either way I watch it on my big screen TV - for some I use the ROKU channel, for others I plug my laptop into the TV for the exact same effect.

I am so happy Viki is on Roku. I have noticed as well that not everything is there but everything seems to work quickly and navigation is easy with no hiccups-Congratulations to the engineering folks!

I am really frustrated that neither Mask or I Remember you are available on the Roku app. I am glad to FINALLY have the app, though. One suggestion: better categorization of shows would be helpful to Asian Drama newbies that are trying the app because the channel just appeared in the Roku channel store.

you can suggest that here.

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