Viki kicks me out and doesn´t let me login - FIX IT PLEASE

Hi there is a bug in Viki the plataform doesn´t work. It kick me out and does´nt let me in to my account.
Please fix it.

You should file a bug complaint here:

Also, I’ve noticed other bugs in the last few hours. You could maybe add yours to this thread:

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@bozoli Hi!
Didn’t you post the same link twice? :wink:

They are playing around with a new design again. I suspect this is the reason for the issues today. They don’t seem to have any Quality Assurance…

oops, yes, I did. thank you for noticing :blush:

That save problem in sub editor is particularly annoying. Earlier I got “retry” or a prolonged save without the green message, and found 1 of my subs entirely missing when I reviewed the section. I’ve put in a ticket naturally - but it seems there is more wrong than just that. Let’s hope they put an end to this swiftly!

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Ugh, it’s still there, the error. I had hoped it would go away while I was sleeping.

I have to check every part for the red flags before I lock the episode. It’s so annoyingly slow to translate like this!


Hello all! Our sincere apologies for the experience! The issue has since been resolved and you should be able to log in to your Viki account now. :slight_smile:

I’ll be closing this thread for now. Stay tuned to @VikiStatus and/or the Viki Help Center where we address major issues like this, if any.