Viki Learn (BETA) [Update 8/27]

Hey Vikians! Annyeonghaseyo!

We’ve received tons of feedback from you on how you are learning languages with Viki’s Learn Mode feature. Some of you want a more comprehensive learning experience to help you learn languages better.

So, we’re super stoked to announce that in partnership with the Rakuten Institute of Technology Singapore, we are testing a new Korean language learning platform called Viki Learn.

With Viki Learn, you can now stay engaged in learning Korean through K-Dramas, with added learning tools such as quizzes and a dictionary supplemented by videos from your favorite dramas.

Here are the many ways you can use Viki Learn:

  • Watch & learn with K-dramas, clickable hangul captions and pop-up word definitions.
  • Adjust the difficulty level by slowing down the speech.

  • Stay focused with a recommended vocab study guide for every episode.

  • Look up, save, and organize your drama vocab.

  • Review scenes from many dramas in which a word appears.

  • Practice with vocab and listening quizzes.

Viki Learn is an experimental project, and we’re looking forward to hearing your first impressions and how we can serve your language-learning needs better! Please submit your feedback here:

*Please note that the beta version of Viki Learn is available only in the United States and Canada at this time, and is best accessible via desktop. Please use the latest version of your browser (except for Internet Explorer).

Find out more about Viki Learn at and try it out today using your Viki account. Gamsahapnida!


wow this is fantastic! I have high hopes now of learning Korean.

Editing this comment since I was able to check it out, and is too advance for me.

That’s great news for promoting education through Viki :slight_smile:
The link is not working for me
Could we have the Viki learn beta link on Viki on a more visible place?

I couldn’t take a look (link not working) but from your pics:

  • level for words (lvl 1 basic, etc. in accordance to international level standards: for Chinese, we have HSK1, 2, 3… Idk for Korean)
  • list with our saved up words filtered by level + official list for lvl 1 words, …

  • how to write it (order)

  • learn through games: play against another player for quiz + quiz with the word in English and we have to find the Korean word + quiz directly made from Viki for one topic (like Travel quiz, family members quiz…) I don’t know where to look on dramas to find these words + fill the sub with hole with the correct word.

  • instead of 1 word by 1 word when we watch, would be interesting to have scenes or have a timeline such as this one,
    with dialogue and we put the mouse on a word of the timeline subs, the meaning is showing.

  • Could we have dialogues scenes from dramas just without videos so we could write on them, print them, listen to audio on our mobile (like in Margarita Mondays, she just takes one scene from a drama and dissects it)

  • grammar lessons, because we can’t make our own sentences if we don’t know how to construct a sentence, I would just know words and just put them one after the other XD => for beginners level, can we use this website or do we need to have more basics to make full advantage of it?

  • print lists of words, flashcards to print.


  • do we have this Vikilearn for osts and songs?? I like to learn with songs, I’d be a faan :slight_smile: + quiz for ost lyrics / finish the lyrics :slight_smile:
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Hi Piranna, try to access again through . Did it work this time?

Thanks! The website link is working, the start learning doesn’t work on mobile though!

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Viki Learn works only on a PC/Mac at the moment; compatible with most of the current browsers (except for the Internet Explorer).

I tried it, but it doesn’t work for me on my PC (Chrome Browser)

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Learn mode is available for OST if the subbers put the source language in fo the lyrics. Learning through OST is a super way to learn Korean. That’s how I started my study of Korean nine years ago.
For the new function, I found lots of vocabulary errors (I sent them a note about some of them) . But it’s great that you can slow down the video by clicking on a turtle icon. I couldn’t get the mini quiz to sound out what word I was supposed to be listening to.

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feyfayer, that’s strange… are you located in the US/Canada? are you able to view the homepage? there should be a feedback button at the bottom right. Do you see it? Let them know you have an issue, and Viki’s customer support should be able to help you troubleshoot.
Also, you need to be logged into Viki.

I’m glad you point this out since I noticed they had a word in there, I knew for a fact was wrong but since I wasn’t sure I didn’t do the feedback.

Ooh is it only available in the US / Canada?
Hahah whoops, I missed that part :blush:

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Pssssst! Today, we’d like to show you our new Korean language learning site called Viki Learn. We are getting really close to release!

Please do note:

  • Trial users must be located in the United States or Canada (here it says only US or Canada for now of course. Later on it will expand).

  • Please access the trial page from a PC/Mac

  • Use the latest version of a common browser except Internet Explorer

  • Login using your Viki account to access Viki Learn

Please check it out at

If you have any feedback, please fill out the feedback form located at the bottom-right of the Viki Learn screen.

Was really excited to try it out and then found out it’s US only for now. So I guess I’ll have to wait…

[Viki Learn - Update 8/27]

Hey Vikians! 잘 지냈어요?

We’ve heard your feedback since we launched Viki Learn and are excited to bring to you a new update that helps to make learning easier and more accessible.

What’s New:

- A new homepage: Get all the content and lessons you need to kickstart your learning journey, with just one click. Pick an episode from a drama or take an episode quiz, all from the homepage. See your Quiz History on the homepage and retake quizzes to improve your overall score!

- New collections added: Learn words that you can use in different situations. Check out our “For Korea Trip” collection on the homepage and tell us what other collections you wish to see!

- New Vocab Study Guide: With the new Vocab Study Guide placed right next to the episode, it’s now easier to access your lesson anytime and learn how the words are being used in the episode. The guide is broken into parts for more efficient learning.

- What’s the base word, again?: Learn grammar with the new Vocab Study Guide. Learn the base words in Korean and see how the conjugated forms are used in the episode.

- Search words for context: See related examples of any word in the video by clicking on the Search icon in the study guide or the video subtitles. We will show you how the word is used in other K-Drama scenes, so you get more context as you learn.

*Please note that the beta version of Viki Learn is available only in the United States and Canada at this time, and is best accessible via desktop. Please use the latest version of your browser (except for Internet Explorer).

We hope you enjoy the new Viki Learn! Find out more at and start learning now using your Viki account. Comment below and let us know what you like about it and what we can do better.