Viki logout issues

For some time I have been having problems with Viki logging my out when I didn’t want to log out. I sent a request to the help center at the beginning of March but I haven’t heard from them yet. I’m wondering if there are people who have the same problem as I do. I’ve copy pasted my mesage to the help center below.

I’ve got an issue with logout and the issue is that I cannot decide anymore when to log out. Viki decides it for me and it logs me out on moments I don’t want to. Moments I get locked out:

  • When I go to another page within the site.
  • When I go to subtitle editor
  • When I click on ‘send’ after writing a long e-mail
  • After refreshing a page
  • Etc.
    These are not moments I would choose to log out but it still happens to me.
    I hope something can be done to resolve this.
    Thank you for reading.

It has been a problem in the last days for me as well, it lasted for a few days but now it’s solved. You still have it?

Yes, I’ve had this problem for weeks now. And since we’ve got the new inbox it’s become worse. You have to refresh the page to see new messages, so now each time I do that Viki just logs me out.

@oriya Did you write Viki what browser you use, your device and which OS?
If not open your old request and add those informations send it, sometimes giving it a new push helps in getting an answer after two weeks time I would say it’s okay to give it another go.

Good luck

What exactly is OS?

OS = Operating System. For instance Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux or any of the Mac operating systems (Leopard or whatever)

So you would include in your message something like that:
“I am using a laptop with Windows 7 and the Firefox browser, updated to the latest version”
“I am using a tablet with Android Applepie and Google Chrome browser”