Viki Loves Me And Wants Me Back!


And here I was, thinking nobody loves me when, in fact, Viki was longing for me…

"Hey there…

We’re already experiencing YOU withdrawal. Also, you’re missing out on a lot of REALLY GOOD drama perks. So, you should come back. It’ll be worth it. :hugs::two_hearts:"

Now don’t be jealous. It’s known that Viki has a big heart of which you’re all a part. :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


They’ve added a bunch of Kdramas, too, so I’m weak…


Haha, where did that come from? Falling from the sky? :four_leaf_clover:

They should add that old song Welcome Back from that old TV series Welcome Back Kotter!



I’m in danger of losing my QC status / Viki Pass, because my last project completed, and I can’t find another.
There’s all sorts of projects in the “Request” tab, but the majority are dead / discontinued projects, or ones where I was told I wasn’t needed. So they don’t want me to stay, never mind asking to come back. Sad.


Why don’t you start your own post here, state your qualities. There might be someone around in need.
Or look up the channels for newly added dramas by Viki can you segment Chinese? Those dramas have more episodes so maybe you can find a place to contribute there. Good luck!


How is it?
Found a project or still looking for one?



I found a project, but suddenly it has been geo-restricted and I can no longer access the videos. So my segmenting is at a standstill, sadly. Is there any place for either a segmenter or an English editor that you know of?



This is bullshit, I had viki pass for years and recently cancelled it. Now I resign up and most off the shows I used to watch on regular pass are now only on viki plus. This is a rip off. I miss Dramafever ever since it was shut down viki has taken advantage of its customers by raising prices…


Look here. Lots of old dramas needing help. You have more chances of no geo-blocking with those.

and here (although it’s an on-air, and it may be restricted for you)