Viki Pass Plus

Could someone explain to me how we know that a program will be shown for viki pass plus?

I had to remove several volunteers from episode 4-5 because the drama was only available for QC, QC GOLD and viki pass plus… How do we know that a show is available for all volunteers to translate?

If you’re the Channel Manager, this information should be in the message you get from Viki. As a Moderator you could ask the Channel Manager.

Viki Pass Plus:

Viki Pass Standard:

You can also log out and see if you can still see the show. If it then says that it’s not available in your area you can probably only see it cause of your QC status.

Btw, I checked the dramas were you are CM or Mod and I can see them all with my Viki Pass Standard. So there are no shows in your list that require Viki Pass Plus. :slight_smile: