Viki Team has gone crazy

It seems more and more that the Viki website is more targeted at torturing users rather than helping them. On the Support page, there is a section called “Request a Title”. Under which there is a sub section called “Request a title”. Under which there is another section called “Make a title request”. Clicking on
which takes user to a page with a yellow button now called “Request a Title”. Clicking on that finally takes user to the page . Has the page designing been outsourced to kindergarteners now?

I’m sure the standard reply will be that of Viki undergoing changes and they hope to bring new improved designs in the future. These are basic elements which should not even show up on the site. Also why is the request going to which is a form builder site? Is there no one around who can build a simple form on the domain itself?

The Viki team has successfully turned this site into a nightmare with horrible design decisions, unhelpful features and making it as user un-friendly as possible.

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To be honest, their new help center design is a little confusing. I was only able to navigate through it quickly because I was familiar with the previous deign…I have had like three to four people ask me how to submit a request because the help center was not understandable for them. I think the design needs a little change.

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Hahaa… Yeah, the help center seems to be a bit all over the place.
I’m not sure why you’d need to click through so many things to make any sort of support request. But I would’ve thought by adding a “request title” section on the front, they were trying to make it easier to use… Guess not.

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Lot of the website design seems haphazard and without merit. I have been using this site for about 4 years now and it’s not going in a good direction unfortunately.