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So many new here on Discussions for the #seg-subtember so I want everyone to see that we have one more page that we connect with other volonteers on.


There are new on this page so why not look at this one too…


I might have visited this ^d i s c o r d page, but to me it’s just one more task to handle and pay attention. I’m quite happy just with this discussions feature since it’s on Viki in one place. I don’t think I want to invest more time in reading all the comments or access the page, working on project alone and visiting here fills my time. I find it a pity that folks are deviating to another platform whereas there is a platform already… and information and support are divided. :frowning:


I don’t think people would deviate too much to other platforms if the Discussions page was faultless. Personally, I experience errors on a daily basis here in Discussions, where I have to relaunch the browser for it to work properly. Small things like that is discouraging. And while I open Discussions every day and love reading everyone’s posts here, I never create my own topics because I’m always “anxious” I will create a topic that has already been mentioned before, even if I search beforehand. Although, I’m not unfamiliar with forum-like websites, I personally find this particular forum layout difficult to navigate. On the other platform, I have no such worries. Rather than seeing it as a division, I think of it as an alternative. There are people on the d i s c o r d that are active on both places! And then there might be people that wouldn’t be active on here, even without the other platform. So the other platform is another option for them to connect with the community :heart:


While I appreciate your honesty, I feel the opposite :frowning: Its sad dis.cord server seemed like an another task to you because it aims to do the opposite, to make things easier. Again, since we do not do any gatekeeping, i do not agree it is dividing the information, on the contrary, now we have around 600 members, many of whom regularly active and our announcement channels + viki-error informations helps the members to communicate and allow other members to help them if there is any method works for this errors.

On a side note, I feel like things often get super heated very easily on discussions and I feel there is lots of negativity and complaining about one another. I personally do not like the hostile attitude, which is why i usually read discussions everywhere but do not share my thoughts on this platform as much as did before. I feel it feels much better to interract my fellow volunteers in real time chat, but I get if it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Wishing you a great day, take good care. <3


I suffer from the same! I also used forum-like platforms before but I feel that Discussions are quite chaotic to me. I kind of learned how to find my way around after all this time, but I still wish they improved many stuff (both discussions & viki in general) so all these people who devote their time here in return of nothing would have an easier time than it is now!

I’m also very happy to hear you do not feel anxious in our little server. I hope we can make it a safe and welcoming space for all volunteers :hatching_chick:

Have an amazing day, stay healty <3


For me Di.scord has made it easier to work with my team’s (as a Swedish moderator or a segger) I can send pictures and talk directly to the people I need to engage with. It feels so much more like I’m in the living room with friends and it’s in real time. I still love discussions and I’m here everyday day reading and sometimes commenting. I like that when I have a problem I can go to the di.scord and see that others have the same problem (Viki bug). As I said everything there is in real time and that’s sadly not the case on this page. And as Alina said the page is open and there’s no negative or badmouthing about others, if you did that you would be kicked out… So I’m really grateful that she created that space for us. :heart:


I know I am on there but haven’t been active, I would like to get going then! where do I go, how can I find out if I am on ? uh oh maybe Im not, I tried and not able to get on.


Click the link in @anyelasspace’s post (I will link it below. Just click on the upward arrow so you can go to the post)).
It will lead you to the server where you can sign up :blush:


Just joined. Waiting now for the verifying process. Thank you.