Viki vs y'know

Well y’all I did a big boo-boo this past month, I cancelled my subscription to Viki. course I am back on, there was a big discussion about Viki and other links some time ago . I admit both are fine to certain areas. and well Viki has the volunteer subbers and all which is good and I must say they do a fantastic job! now to DF, I was soo upset, wanted to watch Chief Kim, and look, the sub for English was blocked out. you bet I was upset. so I am venting today. I am back and plan to stay now. I won’t say any more.


Welcome back, I thought there was something missing in discussions … :wink:

YAY Mary! Missed you!

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thanks for the warm welcome back!!

Nice to see you here again @marygrether1_gmail_c
However, I’m not sure what you are venting about regarding Chief Kim and DF? It is available at DF and the subs are working fine at DF-nothing blocked. (At least when I tried it)

it was the subs in DF, only 1 episode, but gosh they have the subbers they pay and the subs werent there. oh well, I did enjoy the drama.