Viki vs Youtube


Something really caught my attention. Some Korean TV shows are completely uploaded on Youtube (The full episodes) by the broadcasting channel with English subtitles. When I look for the same show on Viki, I found it to be not available in my region. Why would the Producer restrict it on Viki for us and make Viki pay lots of money to get it when it is already on youtube for everyone to watch!
Some of you might think “Okay, just go watch it on youtube”. Well, I want to be able to subtitle it to other languages so I can watch it with other people!
I find this to be really odd…


What you say is very sensible.
For instance, the KBS Drama Specials are now restricted on Viki for most regions. Yet KBS has them legally on youtube, translated etc.
It literally makes no sense. They should even give them away to Viki for a nominal fee, since Viki understandably would be reticent to pay for a license for something that’s legally available for free.


KBS has so many good variety shows on youtube, and yet when I look for them here, it’s not only that they’re unavailable, but also missing episodes (not licensed for anywhere I mean).
This is just silly and frustrating. Several times I came across KBS shows that I was lucky enough to watch on youtube because I find no trouble watching with English subs, but I can’t recommend all these amazing shows to anybody because they can’t keep up with the translation and they want them in their native language.
It’s so annoying to have to enjoy stuff by yourself. :roll_eyes: specially for a ridiculous reason like this. (which I even have trouble finding)


From what I understand YouTube is developing more and more payable services. Already some content can’t be seen unless you pay (monthly?) to the content owner. I wouldn’t be surprised that having a few older shows completely subbed in English attracts enough audience to buy access to newer shows.


Maybe, but this situation has been like this for years, when there was no question of paying for Youtube. KBS drama specials have been on youtube since 2014 (maybe even before), when there was nothing else to promote on that platform.


Same with some Chinese shows…didn’t now it is also like that with some Korean.


I used to add subtitles in Spanish on YT dramas, shows,etc… but they no longer have that option. But they do ‘‘bombard’’ me with offers to watch movies,sports and others, for free for a month, and after that I have to pay a monthly fee.

The quality is terrible, and I no longer enjoy watching anything on YT.


why do everyone keep removing perfectly good options? :roll_eyes:
By the time I thought of doing so myself, I couldn’t find the things I wanted to help out with there.


The Chinese dramas I saw on Youtube do have a subtitle option. But sometimes you need to use the link to the subtitles that is in the description instead of clicking on the bar below the video.


Gonna check that out and see if it works for me, too. I tried every which way I could, to no avail So I’ll see if this works for me @tweet check that too.

Ironically a long while back they offered to pay me for spanish subs but my health was really bad at the time, and I turned them down.


I agree it is confusing how youtube has shows thjat Viki does not, and then its the other way around that Viki has the shows that youtube does not have. But what confuses me a wee bit is that should someone attempt english subtitles to a show on youtube, the uploader gets removed or something, its strange honestly,

Has anyone else noticed that trend ?


They have a premium option that you pay $$$, and get the subtitles, No Ads, and many variety of movies available; that is why they remove the subtitles option, too.

Since they have a lot of good dramas with Spanish subtitles, I watch my dramas in Spanish. So far, they have all 16 episodes subbed so I consider myself lucky that Iget to see many stuff. The Spanish subtitles are really good,too.

I just started recently watching stuff on YT. They also have a LOT of chinese/japanese dramas subbed, but the English sentence, sometimes can be horribly/badly done. You just can’t understand the sentence at all…:frowning:


The Chinese films and shows I watched on Youtube were all with subtitles and the uploader (usually the Chinese TV station) decides if it is with option to add subs or not but most times they allow subs because it is for international audience.

The official Chinese channel won’t be closed since they upload their own content. Channels were only closed when third parties upload stuff they don’t own, e.g. many many anime were removed because Japanese studios do not want fans to upload their anime there. Because of that you can find much more Chinese stuff on Youtube and their official webpages for free to watch but usually rarely to no Japanese, Korean and Western stuff because these countries always sell licenses and don’t want world wide audience to watch it (there are much more cool anime out than any Western viewer could reach because only a few anime are bought by Western TV stations/streaming pages like Netflix…)


Licenses are weird sometimes. Viki could have so many more shows.
Back when there was still the option of creating fan channels, I made one for an old silent movie. Viki easily could have made it an official channel and upload the film themselves, when you consider that those silent movies are in public domain and have no restrictions to copyright.


I really want them to allow fan channels once more even if without actual videos, instead of having to fill out the form to request a new show they can just allow empty fan channels to be created and get the license for channels that gain more attention from viewers.
Because a viewer may not necessarily know of all the shows an actor has but may want to watch them when they know of their existence, and hence would follow the show and it can get licensed later. I think that would be easier for the workers on viki too that they wouldn’t need to read all the forms one by one but they can just statistically detect the more active fan channels and get their license.


a great way to learn Spanish, thanks for the heads up, I will check & see what I can see in Spanish. and as for Chinese, and they have subs? I am going to have to check these out! maybr to check all of them out. I want to rewatch tetrus behind me{I think that"s what its called} loved the the first time around and not able to find the first episode.


I’ve told myself a million times that I would quit YT (mostly because company policy has changed from YouTube to ThemTube as in celebrities and paid content over vloggers and creators), but it’s the only viable place where I can watch Kpop MVs. There’s Spotify, sure, but it’s audio-only. Most Kpop artists have these really weird, really flashy videos that need to be seen to be believed. :sweat_smile:


What I’m hating the most in YT it’s that every other minute, they show an AD, and is driving me crazy! lol


Unless you pay for a Premium monthly subscription :grimacing:


just a question, can you gert an ad blocker for youtube beside paying that premium??