Viki's latest annoying trend

Recently I started getting mails from Viki saying “busy lately? Continue watching where you left off etc”. For dramas that I’ve watched on their entirety, unfollowed or have no new episodes on Viki.

It’s straight up annoying. I don’t need Viki to monitor my watching habits like a nagging boyfriend. THAT’S the best new idea now?

Inb4, I don’t want to unsubscribe from the mail list, because other mails are (less frequently) of interest.

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Recently i asked support for help because of a billing issue. I dont remember Viki like this in the past. The support person just gave me a canned response from her scripts of answer and I have been trying to tell her that is not the issue. Now whenever I email her she just says the subject is closed.
Do you guys get support like this. The thing is I HAVE PAID for the 9 months with no membership benefits and she refuses to help me. I have asked for management to intervene but she just closes it again. Viki did not used to be like this. What do you guys think. How do you get help?
I am now posting this on social media to see if anyone else is having the same issues.

This isn’t really related to the topic glykeria posted, but I’m sure a lot of us have had this problem. I remember Viki Support being quick to respond and helpful when I first started volunteering, but now, they just ignore my emails to Support and mark them as “closed.” :sweat:

You should open a new topic and put it in the category “Bugs & Issues”.
I had some issues before and the Help Center was simply closing my requests without solving them. I talked about this here in the Discussion and everything got solved afterwards.

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If you have problems, you should post a topic in discussion under “Bugs and issues” right away! That will help!

Can you help her/him a hand? @anon20195650

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Hey @shoang,

Your help request has not been closed. However, as you’ve written multiple help requests, they were merged into one and per your request, I’ve forwarded it to my manager for her to further assist you.

She’ll be responding to you as soon as she can.

Viki Community Support Team

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