Voice it out! to improve Viki :D

If you’d like to improve Viki more voice it out!
Things that you like and dislike.
You can write down anything just to improve our Viki :slight_smile:

I’ve been a vikians for about +10yrs and I’m loving the improvements so far.

I’ve been here since about the genesis and given many improvement suggestions. Including, get a slogan, a way to search for translators, etc.

But currently, I would like a way to turn off autoplay that’s more permanent–something in the profile settings. It redirects and you have to turn it off at the top of every video, or at least give the option that it won’t redirect to another series.


I would like to have the ability to view multiple subtitles at the same time. This comes in handy for those who know and are studying more than one language. It helps to solidify one’s understanding.
Thank you in advance :wink:

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The ability to capture words,phrases, and/or clip excerpt to store it in one’s word bank.

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I agree. I’ve had that problem also when I watch dramas. I’ll try to ask viki if they could do that :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

A mobile app for subtitling. I use Viki a lot on mobile/iPad and wish I could subtitle from the mobile app.

Also, I’d like cultural notes that only the subbers can access. They used to have them, but then they opened them to the public. For subbers it’s really nice to be able to make notes and for the watchers to be able to turn them on and off.

As long as the subbers genuinely use them for notes. Restore it with restrictions on permissions.

I dislike the “culture” and “translation” notes that are either:

  1. Personal: The OMG, He’s Hot note. No. That’s a comment. That belongs in timed comments.
  2. A reminder of what has happened earlier in the episode. “The guy that showed up at the bar.” No. I was watching. Please don’t insult my intelligence.
  3. A comment on the translation language rather than on the translation. “Skeptical means that you don’t believe them.” NO. If you’re using a word you’re not sure of, either change the word, or trust the viewer to look it up themselves if they don’t know it. My vocabulary as a native speaker is not that limited and if I was learning the language I would want to be pushed to learn the vocab myself.

However, I like notes such as:

  • This joke is referring to a previous drama this actor was in. For example on Chun Hyang you can note that I’m Sorry I love you and Full House are being referenced. That adds to the experience and doesn’t insult my intelligence.
  • Halmae is an affectionate term for grandmother. (or whatever, there was a word in Faith that couldn’t be translated well because of the multiple meanings–which I helped with lightly–that’s when translator notes are useful.) Also my subber friends of Love or Bread needed translation notes (not on Viki) to make one sentence, which was difficult to translate work.
  • Culture notes such as: What kind of food is Japchae? I prefer using the original Korean there when I do translations because I dislike it when people use say japanese words for a Korean item or Korean words for a Japanese item. So for example, translating Gisaeng as “Geisha” as a short hand is insulting to both culture’s traditions.

Those are useful and can add to the experience. Plus they aren’t selfish, but serving the person watching the subs to understand them better because sometimes you do get that stuck.

It would also be nice to have a centralized phrases library for the common repeated words for each of the languages such as Oppa, Nuna, Seonbae for Korean, etc. And Gege, etc for Chinese and so on. If the projects could link that to their project pages for the n00bs, I think it would add to their experience because when you remove the honorifics you remove a lot of the layered meaning and I see people trying to remove those terms from the subs, but at the same time I think you lose a lot when one can’t type in “Oppa” and defaults to the name, because a name alone is its own honorific and would be considered rude. It will also give subbers a chance to do things like explain terms that pop up over and over again in the subs they can’t translate, such as Imja in Faith.

If they can select that document and then edit it, I think it would help everyone. I’m sure we could compile something like that for each of the languages fairly quickly. And then some programming would make it available to the subbers.

I’d rank this lower priority than the other 2 suggestions I made though (add back the culture and translation notes and fic the auto play). I think fixing User experience is more important than adding a new shiny. Fix what you have before moving forward with the new shineh which could have bugs.

I like everything~
Except when I discover a drama that looks interesting on the front page and I click on it… and the first episode starts playing. I like to look at the description and see who’s in a drama before I dive into the first episode, so I wish links would open to the show’s front page instead. I know it’s a really tiny thing but it makes me go “agh!” every time. ;]