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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: no, no ! She will never dare to do that!!! I have you!!!


Oh! I guess I misread the “be kind” flashing :rotating_light: lights!


Yes that’s for @kdrama2020ali only!!!
Be kind



Ohhhh! You want her to share the hotties, as well as the promotions. Why do I think I saw that in a drama on Viki somewhere :thinking::thought_balloon: Yes I did! It was brilliant! I hope I still have it in my following. I’ll give it a check.
Update, I can’t find it, looks like the drama was among those scrapped from Viki, due to licensing. But! If I find it elswhere, I’ll drag it here for anyone to check it out!


She is greedy!


I think that The “Viki Original” you haven’t seen yet should be bought out by Let’s write a story with our fav kdrama quotes. What do you think? There seems to be a lot of brand compatibility.

And also, there is an ongoing sub-thread of movie-making under Badges: Who thought they were a good idea.

And if @ninjas_with_onions agrees to be the PD once the dust settles, I think we could have a very profitable and productive thread.

Let’s write a story already has a crack writing team in place.

And despite what @ninjas_with_onions says, his memory for the apt line, his ability to bring perfect musical moments out of his personal archive, and his ability to circumvent the nosy interference of do-nothings in the corporate suite make him the ideal showrunner.

I will volunteer to run “sides” from the writer’s room to the set since I am still Viki’s oldest maknae. It should be a great experience.

On a more serious note, is there a way to “deactivate” a thread?

The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

So Ask Yourself Why "kdrama2020ali"
Was Baseball Manager in School with all the boys…
I knew where to be…
I kept score and they all came to me. bahahahahaha!

@misswillowinlove @padmalayag @leerla73


A quick profit deal :rofl::rofl::rofl: no kidding! What are you getting paid in, badges!:sob:
Yes! The big wigs came to play a little :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oh yes, deactivating any thread involves invoking the leaders squad, aka The Mod 10 group :wink::+1:t5:. The leader badge that comes only with recommendation. Pretty much akin to getting into any good college. “Those letters of recommendations.”


I have an free email account with Tutanota, part of some German concern. It allows for totally encrypted email. My baby sister, who is a computer programmer and very security conscious, told me about it.

I found out, after being distracted by major world events for a year and a half, that my account had been scrapped because it had not been used in six months. I had to, and did, get a new account.

I often wonder how much Sturm und Drang on Viki might be avoided if threads without a certain level of activity would be closed after six months. No need to monitor, no need to have a lot of stuff hogging bandwidth.


Production Director huh? :thinking: Has a certain ring to it and with no need to keep an eye on a budget, no camera crew to boss around, tell actors how to do their job to get a particular shot, etc. I can pretty much sit around sipping coffee all day long.

I don’t think that would work. ‘Viki Original’ has a broader freestyle synopsis rule to the topic whereas ‘kdrama quotes’ is restrictive to sourcing material from existing dramas.
As PD my first task would be to get an overview what the production objective should be.
So I’ve looked at the topics linked by @vivi_1485 (one of which I contributed to!). Followed the links and un-seque of @leerla73 until I’ve ended up back here.
Is the objective then to

make a go of a writing topic and at the end of it have a finished drama produced by


I’m so dead!:rofl:
PD is on the job! And, what the PD says always goes, :smirk::relieved: any self respecting K-Drama fan knows that! :joy:


Onion-sama-PD-nim, you have assessed the information provided in an astute manner.

For Vinsanity (Viki-style insanity) to be properly contained and directed in the type of endeavor under discussion here, there needs to be, as Fran Drescher might say, “struck-sha.”

With the participants in the threads mentioned contributing to an imaginative and truly original drama, don’t you think it would be a gas, man?



Right? @padmalayag


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh and purple :purple_heart:


All right, PD-nim has given us a direction… EVERYBODY MOVE OVER TO THE VIKI ORIGINAL THREAD, STAT!


What is the meaning of Give and you shall receive?

The saying; “Give, and ye shall receive” Possible meaning: This idea comes from the Bible suggesting that when we freely give something food, money, love etc…to other people, we will receive the same, and even more… back.

Want more ‘‘hotties?’’ Give some away, girl…bwhahahahahahaahahaha (joking)

Missing a good drama in here geezzzzzzzzzzzz. What’s going on with k dramas? Older ppl need more mature dramas. My days of High School dramas are long gone.

I saw Kingdom: : Ashin of the North
FORCE OF NATURE (filmed in my Island Puerto Rico)
The Blackout: Invasion earth.
Attraction 2: Invasion (english Dub)
Pinocchio 2020 (Italian version)
The Tomorrow war (watched 3 times already)
Honest Thief


I’m busy with a C-drama! Mysterious Love but Have you tried Monthly Magazine Home???


I did; but the couple don’t ‘‘touch’’ me enough to continue watching, and was able to hit second episode but nothing more past that. Dropped it…:no_mouth:


Yea! ML is not one I would normally watch but the show is pretty good. There is NO DOOM out there anywhere is there.


I feel you. I think the next half of the year will have dramas for more mature audiences (mature as in older audiences not sexual/violent content)
Upcoming ones:

  • Seashore Village Cha Cha Cha (Kim Seon Ho x Shin Min Ah)
  • Our Blues
  • Lost
  • The Yoo Seung Ho one
    and some others I can’t remember right now

Aren’t Hospital Playlist and Devil Judge good?