Want to charge viewers without having to pay for modulators, segmenters, and subbers?

Complete nonsense!

It seems that the time to remove Viki.com from my Bookmarks has come.


First of all it’s moderators*
It’s not such a nonsense, we always ask Viki for more licensed content but we never care about the fees it costs them to do that legally, right?
So my advice to you is you are 2000 subs away from being a QC just do them, and contribute to Viki now and then it’s not that hard and then everything will be free for you.
You can consider ad-free available content as a pay for you from Viki when you do that, but until then i don’t think Viki should privilege those who are not active here like they are doing for QCs.


First off, are you working for Viki? Because you assume that ads alone don’t pay Viki enough to keep the site operating. I don’t know, yet you seem to know for sure, that’s why I ask.

I’ve been on this site since 2009. Viki usually manages to get the rights to show the shows without charging viewers.

Why now? I had suspected Viki becoming another DF when the site changed it’s format. At first it looked EXACTLY like how DF looked. Until viewers complained, that they changed the look again.

Heck even the founder of Viki said he wants to globalized Viki into a worldwide Hulu. Don’t be so naive. At some point, the founders of Viki realized they got a good thing going. A big expense of running this type of site, they were getting for FREE. (segmenting, translating) Now to get to where Viki wants to go, they will need to charge viewers a fee. It is what it is.

So please don’t be naive. Don’t sugar coat things by telling people, that Viki can no longer get licensed content without asking people to pay. That is, unless you do work for Viki. If so, then I believe you.

First off, no i don’t work for Viki, i am a volunteer here. If ads alone were to pay enough to keep the site operating you wouldn’t see DF and Hulu with more liscenced content than Viki, am i not right?

For the why now, that is something i cannot answer, every good thing will have an end eventually, the change would happen whether now or later.

If Viki were to become a worldwide Hulu, i wouldn’t complain lol it would be great since many of the shows i like are not available here and i can’t access Hulu or DF for them.

Well it is rather fair to make viewers pay, since they don’t contribute to anything while contributers do all the work. If contributers (QCs) were charged i would be the first to quit this place and never open it again.

I am not sugar coating, i am saying facts, you want stuff for free without doing a thing, why should you get that? In life you have to work for everything you want, how is this any different? But still YOU ARE GETTING FREE ACCESS TO VIDEOS, even if it is with the ads.
I am not naive on the contrary contributing on Viki helps them out but gives me manyyy profits in return(I’m a business student so it is always about seeking for my personal profit;)).
Just like you i won’t pay on Viki but if by contributing i get the same things why won’t i do that?
But if Viki needs to charge non-volunteers in order to get more content i am totally with that!!
I wouldn’t like to be treated the same way as a non working person while i am doing the work at my work place right? It’s the same thing.
One more thing, again i am not a Viki staff, but you know what that might be my dream job really if they ever accept me.^^

Considering the amount of people who use adblock on the site, I do wonder how much money Viki was losing on that front. By the way, keeping the site operating and keeping the site expanding are not the same things.

It’s ridiculous for you to think that Viki wouldn’t change ever. It’s been 4 years since 2009. The internet is a decently different place, and especially so when you’re talking about asian dramas and streaming sites.

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