Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Thanks for updating it. Can you tell me what area you are in? You can pm me. Looks like the first one, fashion editress is restricted for me.


I already posted this somewhere else, but just in case. Channel for the Chinese drama Sm:)e they are looking for more English Subbers and Segmenters.

Here is the link


When you go to the drama’s main page and scroll down a bit, you will see “The xxx team”. xxx changes for every drama. Click on that and you will see first the channel manager, and then below that, the moderators. Look for your language and click on the picture above it, that will take you to the moderator’s account where you can send her a message saying that you’d like to contribute to drama “xxx” and she will add you to her team and tell you the basics. :slight_smile:



me puedes contactar vía un pm mi nombre de usuaria es wiligard tengo un canal de variedad y otros de dramas.

Te guio en todo lo que me sea posible.



Hello! I can sub from Chinese to English or segment!



I can subtitle from English to Portuguese and I’m looking for new projects. I would really like to help so if you need some help with some project just contact me :purple_heart:




Can you guys let me know, if someone is needing help subtitling from English to Spanish ?


I am Edwige. I would like to be a member of the Team of translators English/French for the next drama “War of prosecutors”.
I participated one time in a translation’s team and I liked it.
Thank you to accept my offer


Hi everyone! I can help with translating
Korean/English --> Dutch

Hopefully I can help out :slight_smile:


Hello! I could help to translate English to Spanish, i’m up to do any project, let me know if i could help you :slight_smile:




Please, send me a PM because I need help in one project. :slight_smile:


I need help so send me a PM, please. :slight_smile:


@tskhobi @nicol_espinoza_silva @paulinasaldana_186 Please, send me a PM because I need help with English/Spanish sutitles in one project.


Hi @lillibye, there are some channels looking for subbers and segmenters. You can contact the English Moderator or the Channel Manager of those channels.


The Brightest Star in the Sky

All I Want for Love is You


Hello, I’m new here but I can subtitle from English to German or French :slight_smile:


Hi, I’d like to start subtitling from english to swedish. Let me know if could help in any projekt!


eu gostaria de legendaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr.


Hola, me ofresco para subtitular en Español


Hello all! I am new and want to start subtitling from Korean to English or Spanish! Please give me work! :slight_smile: