Watch Party - "Well Intended Love" FINALE Sunday Sept. 26, 2021 at 1PM Eastern Time PLEASE JOIN US!


I think it will mainly be just a few regulars from this discussion board. and they may drop out too because it is so early on a Saturday. We’ll find out tomorrow.


I’ll still be joining from the uk ^^ it will be 5pm bst here (saturday) so it should be fine unless something comes up


Ok what is going on with the watch party! It is about 10:14 here - So I’m 12 noon RIGHT?
Can we come and go as we want to since I have already watched a few eps already or how does it work???


I’m here and ready for my first watch party!


I will start it at 10 AM Mountain time. You have less than 10 minutes to grab your popcorn. :sunglasses: Here’s the link.


I’m here

I got peanut butter cookies from the bakery!!! :cookie:


Everyone (Up to 20 people) can click the link now to get into the chat relay. I’ll start EP 1 at 10 am MT
Click this link


Since I am on Eps like 5 or so I’ll be in and out I have to clean my kitchen!!! Bhahahahha! AW my guy my stoic protective handsome historical guy!!! I love him




3 minutes!

Where is my_happy_place?


We need at least 3 people logged in


Log in we need one more person


It has started! When you log in you will join us in progress




Have fun everyone!


Are you joining us?


No, I’m sorry I had a Doctors appointment, and came out of there so sick. It’s weird I feel so dizzy and out of balance (hopefully it will go away soon). All I do is dozing off to sleep out of the blue. Enjoy your weekend! This is a great idea you did and I’m glad you have a nice group. Hopefully, next time I can join in (forgetting how to write things). :worried:

Thank you for asking!


What happened you should be able to stream the whole drama??


EP 2

We have to make a new one for every episode

HI angelight!


Chinese Drama

I’m back in for Eps 2
Where is my peanut butter cookies - Grab a drink and come back


EP 3 will start at 11: 15 Mountain time