Watch Party - "Well Intended Love" FINALE Sunday Sept. 26, 2021 at 1PM Eastern Time PLEASE JOIN US!


That isn’t letting me in


That link isn’t working.


Try it again

I’ll get the hang of it


I think it pasted the old



Gosh - He is so Handsome!


EP 3



Hey Handsome


EP 4

This is so much fun! Love your pics! kdramagirl!


EP 5


I hope you feel better son!



Ah. I wish my sisters were here for this watch party! But they are troglodytes when it comes to technology. :roll_eyes: :rofl:


EP 5


EP 6

Will start at 1:40 pm Mountain Time


Ok I’ll do some dishes


EP 6 has started. Please join us




EP 7 Starts at 2:40 pm Mountain time


Thanks for the break!!! We are getting to Eps 7 is where I left off and will have to pay more attention


The EPs after 7 have not all been touched by the English team yet so the presubs are a bit whacky. lol However they are HILARIOUS! The songs are still missing their subtitles which is why the translations are only 88% thereabouts.

The episodes beyond 6 have not been translated to other languages yet. I just checked the team’s notes.


Opening OSt from I’m a Pet In Dali TEmple.