Watch Party - "Well Intended Love" FINALE Sunday Sept. 26, 2021 at 1PM Eastern Time PLEASE JOIN US!


Just let me know the time - SAT - should be good for me! I stay up late so later in the evening works for me too

I had so much fun that if anyone ever wants to watch a show and we can get 3 people! Let’s do it!


Ok… I’ll set it for 5 PM mountain time then. That gives us alla chance to watch another 4 -6 shows


So 7 pm my time OK Perfect! I’ll have popcorn next week - some Skinny Pop



Thank you so much. The dizziness went away but I feel weak so I’m in bed just feeling sorry for myself bc it was such a beautiful day to go out…:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I’ll be away next weekend to celebrate my Grandma’s 101st birthday, so I won’t be able to join. :frowning_face:


Next weekend give your grandma a hug, a kiss from my part, and I wish/pray that she has many more birthdays blessed with health and happiness.


What a MILEstone! :love_letter:


Thanks for organizing this watch event today.


Thank you so much!


Will Do, thanks!

I know. Unfortunately, last year for her 100th, due to Covid, she had to just wave at us behind a window because she lives in an assisted living facility.

Yes, thank you @porkypine90_261 for hosting today. I loved it!



Hi everyone, I’m so sorry I couldn’t join you all :grimacing: It was really late at night and I wasn’t allowed to sleep late because it was Sunday the next day :sweat_smile:

I can’t join next Saturday becaus 5 PM mountain time is 4:30 AM IST :flushed: If you all continue till 6 or 7 I’ll be able to join.


same here 7 or 6 IST is great for Indians viewers !!!


Have fun All, hope more fans joins the watch party :partying_face::tada: count me out of this watch.


Do you remember someone who was watching with us had family in Haiti - I have been worried! Do we know if everyone is ok??? I cannot remember who it was in our watch party that told us they were waiting for word from Haiti - I hope that EVERYTHING is OK! :heart:


I won’t join either (I’ll probably be asleep between 01:00 - 03:00 AM :sleeping: )
Have fun this Saturday.

And I wonder too. (I’ll send her name to you)


Well. Too many people are out this weekend. We’ll probably need to run it earlier for other time zones and a different day.

and my__place is going to their grammas birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRAMMA!

How about Saturday, August 28, 2021, at 8 AM US Mountain time? Does that work for people?

Saturday, August 28, 2021
11pm Seoul (Is there anyone from South Korea joining?)
6 PM Mumbai time (Vivi)
4 PM CEST - damiechan (-dayane are you in Portugal, Azores, or Brazil?) zyxw, ~ uncannytale,
11 am US Atlantic - Rio De Janiero - (Dayane are you in Brazil?)
10 am US Eastern - kdramagirl, jedelande? leera?
9 Am US Central -
8 AM US Mountain - porkypine
7 am US Pacific - myhappyplace


You guys have fun - I can’t be here Aug 28th. But it isn’t always going to work for everyone!


Eeek, I can’t do the 28th either. It’s my wedding anniversary. @kdrama2020ali is right, we won’t be able to please everyone all the time. If a good-sized group can meet that day, go ahead and do it.