Watch Party - "Well Intended Love" FINALE Sunday Sept. 26, 2021 at 1PM Eastern Time PLEASE JOIN US!


It doesn’t have to be on the 28th. What day works for you guys?


I’m kind of out for the whole week between the 21st and 28th. The 29th is probably okay, and after that I don’t really have anything specific to hinder me for a while, I think.


I’m not available to after 9/2 so you guys go ahead really -


I give up. You guys can plan the next one. :sunglasses: :grin:


As long as you have 3 or 4 go ahead! @my_happy_place and I are OK we promise!

Is it a rule that you have to have 3 to watch??


I’m at work at 10pm US Eastern Cindy


I goofed the time for your zone. It was supposed to be 10 AM. Sorry.


Ok so I really want to finish this with some of you guys!

I can do Sunday Sept 5th??? After 12 pm Eastern would be great - Should we see who wants to try for then??? And What Time - I’m usually up until midnight!


Is Sunday for you Sunday for me? Anyway, I should have time to join :slight_smile:


What day and time is it right now where you are!? I’m Sat 8-21 @ 4:30 pm


Saturday 10:45pm


Count me out of any more gathering for this watch party. :wink::ok_hand:t5: Thanks!


Any time other than 5 am to 10 am Mountain time is good for me. I am busy segging shows during those times.


I was thinking maybe like 1 pm on Sunday, Sept 5th?? Maybe?
@damiechan would be about 8 pm for you I think?


I won’t be able to join, it’s too late at night for me(school night!) :sweat_smile:


I can be there at that time.


Sure why not great !!


Just put up a tag if your online and for a reminder at around 12:45 PM, that would be great !!


Better is if we create a Telegram or a Discord Channel for such Watch Party, that would be so great, we could even voice talk in Discord !!
Tell me, I could create a Discord Server for us !!! :heart_eyes:


Count me out from Sept 5th till Sept 17th.
As it seems at least 3 persons can participate on Sept 5th already. :slight_smile: So what about porkypine90_261 herself? Eventhough I can’t make it Sept 5th, it would be fun if you could continue.
And who knows, perhaps when I return, I can make it to the next watch party.