Watch partyyyyy

Hi guys! Tell me a drama that you would like to watch with me in my watch partyyyyyyy!
I know it might be boring to you but it will be nice to comment about the series and make friends what do you think???

If you want wright down a drama and tell me if you want to participate in the Watch Party!
when i choose one i’ll put out the link <3<3<3

Bye for noooow

lots of love Xara

for now this is the Partyyy

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Hi, I saw your message on the Discussion board and I would like to give you a few suggestions. Perhaps you could edit your post or add a response to your post to let us know a couple of things, like:

  • in what time zone do you live? Or at what time would you like to host your watch party? (so that people who read your post have an idea whether they could join. For example I see a lot of watch parties on the discussion forum being hosted at around 9PM EST, which is 3 AM where I live, and I know I’m not available at this time, so I can’t join them.)
    A website to calculate the time in a different time zone:

  • There is also a special section for the watch parties:
    You could label your topic as ‘watch party’.

  • And finally, perhaps you could let us know a bit about what you do and don’t like to see, (like does it matter which country the show is from (korean/chinese/etc), and what about the genre (like only romantic comedies or sci-fi or thrillers as well?)

Maybe this way you would get a little more response.

Hope this helps and who knows, perhaps we will see each other in a watch party sometime.


I am glad to see you trying to create watch party interest! What do YOU want to watch? :slightly_smiling_face:

The shows I post are the ones I want to see, so I advertise that show. Since I live in the western US I advertise the 9 PM ET, time that way most people in the US are home from work by then. 9 PM is kinda late for EasternTime but that is also 6 PM PacificTime and western commuters have time to get home from work - so that spread works for most people in the US but by no means all.

We’d love for our European viewers to join us but their times are about 8 hours ahead of the US so it is hard to find compatible times between the time zones.

As Sweethope stated, Just go ahead and post the show you’d like to watch along with your preferred time and advertise it. and put the show’s title on the announcement’s TITLE line.

I’d LOVE to see more people just posting watch parties for different times zones. I might join those. Sometimes I wonder why only a couple of us end up running them here when ANYONE can run a watch party.

You can do a search on Watch Party to see what we’ve already run. Read through those threads to see if and why people did not make those shows and start a new one in their time zones.
And start interacting with people here and you will find a group of friendly people to start watching with.

and I am here to post a link for a watch party I am running tonight - the King’s Woman at 9 PM ET look for it. :sunglasses:

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Thank you for being so nice! I will make sure to follow your advice<3

Hiiii! Thank you for helping i appreciate it! :smile: