Watching problems

Why i can’t watch most of the turkish series???They say that they are not available in my region…

Most of the Turkish series are blocked due to rights.
In addition to that , getting the license for Turkish dramas is very hard and expensive , that’s why viki is about to decide if they will get them or not… at least that’s what I’ve read a few days ago…

Here is a message I got about the issue from the channel manager

**Hello Ebb and Tide fans.
I asked Viki about licensing this show and get this.
Hi loolboi,
I’m sorry to hear that. The last I heard about Turkish shows is that we’d like to get them, but they’re very expensive to license, so we’re still doing some analysis to decide if we’re going to go for them or not.
So they are still decide about licensing." **

Hope it’s a little bit of help.

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Like @dramaaaaa said, they’re blocked due to copyright. This recently happened to Medcezir (Ebb & Tide).