We've reached new levels

-> User makes a post saying Viki uses the same tired response “sorry, few people, working on it” and counts the issue as solved (ticket closed).
-> Viki responds with “sorry, few people, working on it” and counts the issue as solved (thread closed).

Oh, the irony!

P.S. Yes, I expect Viki to delete this.


They should just make a similar thread like this “discussions”, for “volunteer troubles” however the name, where you can put down your problems, since you will get the people with similar problems together in one post, 10 people having the same problem results in one thread and not 10 tickets!!!

But it would be handling this matter openly, and even viki says a lot about transparency it rarely shows it, now they would have a chance, but I guess they are fearing a bad image, but how bad must it really be for volunteers to be waiting and waiting for a reaction on their tickets at the help center.

And I hope viki does not resolve in something like overtime, just to reduce the number of tickets at the cost of the employees, when it is just a bad instrument to deal with.

Openly handled, one could add something necessary to the situation or just be comforted that another person already mentioned it.

But who are we to say, how viki should deal with such minor problems.
And if I get to hear, about how they respect the work of the volunteers, … I might just …
I hate those standard lines, it’s the worst thing, when I had to use it at work, since those phrase make you feel uncared by the writer and you are only reminded that the person at the other side is only doing her/his job as well.


Indeed, things are getting worse and worse. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Viki is completely ignoring us and pushing forward with whatever they have in mind.

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And now, one of my request has been really solved. 5 months later but better late than never, I guess.
Maybe the volunteers should also take charge of the help center (half-kidding).