What are "Chief" channel positions?

Just a curious observation. I’m not sure how long it’s been since these have been adopted, but I only noticed recently.

Anyway, as the title states, what are “chief” positions (e.g. chief editor, chief segmenter)? What is their necessity, and how are they different from moderators? (Or are they?)

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Hi, xomachi. Chief segmenter is the person who normally is responsible for the final editing of the segments ( if there are gaps, insufficient lenght, missing text segments, if some of the segments need to be combined, deleted). Chief editor is the person who enters the episode for the final check of subs - whether they are accurate, adjusted in lenght, whether the songs are written down as songs, this person normally locks the episode and gives it out to the other language subbers. Licenced dramas need to have them as there are many segmenters and subbers working together that do not necessarily check other people’s work but in our case (Legnd of fragrance) we can be sure about segments and subs are being edited by evadreaming and she normally closes the episode when done with it.

See You on the channel!

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So they’re essentially moderators, for segmenting and editing teams in this scenario?

I wonder because it seemed a bit unnecessary (resource-wise). I mean, there are usually only three or four editors per language. And it seems like many channels only want experienced editors and segmenters anyway.

Thanks for the explanation though, serenite! It’s good to know for future reference.

On my channels the chief editor is in charge of the editing and she picks her own team. Also she helps me with recruiting subbers. My Korean is nowhere near the point I can check if someone is good so I only add the good well known subbers and everyone else I forward to her so she can check for me.

The chief segmenter and editor mostly work together like if the editor sees there is something off with the segs the chief segger will be cotacted so he/she can fix or he/she will talk to the segger involved. Chief seggers also help with recruiting seggers if needed. I didn’t know at first what a chief segger exactly did until someone asked me if she could be one on my channel and I asked her. Ohh and even experienced seggers sometimes makes mistakes which I not always their fault but due software updates. Like now there is some sort of delay in the timer.

They get mod positions because it gives them more power to do their work but they don’t have mod duty’s. Only the people who are listed as mods on the community wall have mod duty.


Hi dudie, thanks for the insight.

From what I’ve gathered, it seems like they’re quality check positions. QC is a good thing though, I suppose.

Well, that raises for me the question of what a moderator’s duties are then. From what serenite and you have posted, chief editors and segmenters do indeed seem like moderators. Just, instead of running a team of translators, they run a team of editors or segmenters-- They recruit, relay duties, quality check, etc.

Good point xomachi. I wondered the same thing also. To me, the chief title seems more like a glorified position. The channel manger, moderators, segmenter, editors, and subbers accomplished everything as a team before this new incorporation of chief editor and chief segmenter. I think titles like chief can lead to “abuse” of power. Especially when I see “only ninja and seg 101 grads.” There are quite a few experienced segmenters that are not grads. Experience is what hones the skills of segmenters. It sends the wrong message that if you want to segment you have to attend and graduate from one of the segmenting channels. Designating who can segment takes away the foundation of viki that flourishes because of volunteers.

Personally, I don’t think the chief segmenter should segment on the channel. Sort of like the manager doing the work of the people that were hired to perform the duties. Chief Segmenter , as mentioned in the above comments, should perform the checks for errors. I think being Chief Segmenter and segmenting on the same channel is a conflict of interest.

The positive aspect is there are still channel managers that have not adopted the use of Chief’s. It provides proof that having Chiefs on the channels are not a necessity to provide quality segmented and subbed videos.


Hi roxiehar, thanks for your comment.
It’s interesting seeing different thoughts on the matter.

Good point. It does seem like a bit of a conflict of interest. The same way a writer doesn’t edit their own work.

I was thinking about it and I stand by the idea that QC on segments seems a little redundant if your segmenters are experienced. Any major blips would likely be caught by translators or editors along the way in the process.

To each their own, I guess.
Like you said, it’s up to individuals how they’d like to form their teams.

Experience and segmenting is a different topic, but I do see the “ninja and seg 101 grads” note on a lot of channels. I’d like to think it’s more a matter of ensuring quality levels than anything else… Of course I do agree that experience hones your skills more than anything, and I’d hope channel managers/moderators keep that in mind as well.

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