What are some Kdrama's you enjoyed but are hardly popular?

When someone recommend some kdramas for you it’s always the same ones.
Eg : Boys over Flowers
Playful Kiss
City Hunter
Kill me, heal me
Name some kdramas that are unpopular but also enjoyable! Just for those people like me that have run out of dramas to watch.

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  • Nine: 9 times time travel
  • Bridal Mask
  • Iljimae (a old classic)
  • Princess’ man (sorry, I really love historic drama ><)
  • Can you hear my heart? ( touching <3 T-T)
  • Signal

Great question. I have found that some not so “popular” dramas are so, so good.

I loved “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho.” Great acting, solid story, etc. It was entertaining for sure. “Squad 38” was along the same lines. Both deserved more love than they got.

I love the crime genre so “Missing Noir M” is one of my favorites. Every episode was great.

“Drinking Solo” (not on Viki) was such a cute drama. I enjoyed and laughed quite a bit.

Like these, there are many that while not widely known, are still worth watching. :slight_smile:

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boys over flowers , master sun, kill me hill me, personal taste, you’re beautiful, coffee prince it ok, that is true love, she was pretty.

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Thank you :sparkling_heart: I also really enjoyed bridal mask! It’s such a good drama


I’ve never heard of any of these dramas except for drinking solo which was indeed a very cute drama! Thank you so much, I’m so watching these :blush:

Do you like mystery? Not horror but mystery? “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” was quite good. Moon Geun Young really delivered as the girl trying to find the secret of the small village of Achiara. Yook Sung Jae was darling as the cop helping to discover the secret. So glad he didn’t stick to “high school” roles after School 2015. He is building on his acting skills quite nicely. :slight_smile:

I really liked “Queen Seondeok”. :slight_smile:

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  • Love again
  • The man who can’t get married
  • Squad 38
  • A tree with deep roots
  • East of Eden
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Here’s my list:

Cinderella’s Sister
The Princess’ Man (revenge)
Bad Guy (revenge)
New Tales of Gisaeng
A Thousand Kisses
49 Days (fantasy)
Cheongdamdong Alice
Gold, Appear! (family, twins sisters)
Beautiful Mind (medical)
I Am Legend (music)

The Greatest Love
Prosecutor Princess (legal)
Another Oh Hae Young
Three Brothers (family)
Dating Agency: Cyrano
Marriage, Not Dating
Heart to Heart
Pasta (food)
Oh My Ghostess (fantasy)
Wild Romance
Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi
Jealousy Incarnate

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@mas4 do you have list of comedic and Science fiction that recommend me?

I always recommend BIG I never hear anyone mention how good it is. Spy Myung Wol, was exceptionally great too. Recent one’s… SPY I loved it!!! it had action packed scenes is about spies I heard it had very low ratings but i loved it till the end! Please, come back Mister I know it was criticized a lot but if you haven’t watched this one give it a chance is about ghost/dead souls it’s so funny you won’t stop laughing. Sad at times but great anyway. I also read it had the lowest rating views bc of course, no idols. I think people should watch drama not bc it has an idol or popular actress but bc the story plot is great and is different and the cast are older but excellent. Age of the actors should never be an issue in viewing a drama. When I see a drama I concentrate on the story plot to be different from the usual k-drama. Hope you like them if u decide to watch them (if u haven’t already).


Now that I see a lot of my favorites on your list, I’m thinking I’m gonna watch the rest of them, too! :smile:

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I loved, loved, loved Incomplete Life (Misaeng). It breaks your heart in all the right places.

Other which were not named yet are White Christmas and not Bad Guy (which is also great), but “Bad Guys” (same director and some actors as in Squad 38). These two are action-thriller dramas.


One unpopular kdrama i enjoyed was Boys Over Flowers. It’s on netflix, and i hardly ever hear of it.

Boys Over Flowers was certainly not unpopular. It’s just that it’s an old drama and nowadays there have been so much popular drama’s out there so newer K-drama fans (don’t know if you’re a new fan) might not have heard of it, but it was a huge hit back then in 2009/2010 and it lauched a lot of the actors into stardom