What are you guys currently watching?


TRAPPED in Iceland

really well written with actual political topics and authentic characters - and impressive landscape.


Is it on NF?


I watch it on local TV (I hope that’s not a prob since it’s not a page) :upside_down_face:


I just finished the bride of the watergod. I did watch it on another link, but episode 16 didn’t turn out right, so decided to go to YT, and it was sooo cut up it wasn’t funny. so maybe one day I can finish the 16th episode. It was good up to episode 14-15, then downhill. plan to finish the love knot, his excellencys first love, its ok, another" but "there ok up to point. I think kill it will be my next one. haven’t decided about melt me yet. I don’t want to complain, but my goodness, maybe I am looking for more in our drama, you can only watch heal me kill me a certain amount of times, same for healer, and I do love that one ,

I am looking for more, I guess… hmm stairway to heaven sounds good, and that other one fight my way

I do still like viki dramas


Have you tried Suspicious Partner or While you were sleeping? Both legal dramas and so good!


I just finished watching Well Intended Love on Netflix and The World owes me a First Love. I haven’t watched very many C-Dramas, but I loved these two. Both were really cute.


Whenever anyone tells me they’re looking for a drama to watch, this is the one I tell them about. I am close to even recommending it to passersby on the street. :smile: So far I’ve made three people watch it and they all loved it.


yes I have watched while you were sleeping and suspicous partner, lawless lawyer would love to find “who are you” the Korean version, awww maybe I will watch the other one today.


Hello everyone, just a quick note to share a recommendation - most especially to those of you who also greatly love the Slice-of-Life genre. Yong-jiu Grocery Store — I believe this Taiwanese drama is way underrated and I must tell you the story-telling is top-notch.

I’ve still a few episodes to enjoy (there are 10 total), but couldn’t wait to share a mention. The lead actors portray the depth of their characters beautifully, and the numerous supporting actors, past and present, nearly steal the show. The present-day story entwines with the past, revealing through flashbacks that may not be completely understandable right away, but you will soon say “ahhh” as the story clarifies itself. If you enjoy a drama that feels nostalgic, sentimental and often poignant, please queue up Yong-jiu Grocery Store.
:smiley_cat: sheishun


I’m waiting for season 2. It’s one of the few romance comedy I like.