What are you guys currently watching?


I’m currently watching Love in the Moonlight here in viki. I have just started it and wondered about how Kim Yoo-Jung was coz I’ve read some news before that she was ill and have stopped acting for awhile.


So I finished My Mister, and I don’t think I’ll be able to watch romcoms for a while. As Ji An’s grandma said, their relationship is blessed.

As for the ending, I think that their relationship won’t end up with them being together in a romantic sense. However, I still think that he loves her, in his own way, and she definitely loves him back (I could tell from her expression and her eyes). They have the knowledge that wherever they go, they can be sure that they have someone who knows them, and that is such a soulmate kind of thing. What I mean is, they don’t need to be together to know each other. Take Park Dong Hun and his wife: they were together for years, yet they didn’t really know each other. Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hun were able to know and understand each other in a few months. But that doesn’t stop me from totally wanting their relationship to be romantic. When they hugged for the first time, I realized that I hadn’t seen such a romantic hug as theirs in a long time! :smile:

And I can’t see Park Dong Hun as the kind of guy to divorce his wife. Not because he loves her deeply, or that he forgave her, but because he is loyal to himself and his decision to marry her. They didn’t divorce, right? She just left to live in America…?

Sorry for the long opinion on the ending :sweat:

When I’m ready, I’ll probably watch another ‘serious’ drama, like Misaeng. I’ll look around for dramas where the main relationship is deep and healing. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I agree. But I think that it’s just the writers didn’t dare promote openly a relationship with such an age gap. Otherwise, it would be totally possible that they end up together.
Don’t postpone Misaeng. Every chapter feels so cathartic and elating, as you see the main character progressing from darkness to light through sheer willpower and intelligence. Although there is a hint of something romantic which “may” happen but we don’t really see, the main relationship there, the OTP couple in a sort of way is between him and his charismatic boss - who is played by my favourite actor in the whole world, Lee Sung-min.


I think there are too many elements against a classical romantic relationship (regardless of the age gap), in the first place Park Dong Hun’s son: for what I see of Korea, if they dated they would go back to being marginalized. On the other hand, their love is so strong and they can understand each other so well that maybe it would be enough …
Personally, I prefer such a deep friendship (if we can call it that) over any other type of relationship. I know that my opinion is not very popular, but I believe that, in a scale of values, it lies a step above romantic love.
However, I think we all agree that this relationship is deep and healing.


If you haven’t watched the end of My Mister, don’t read this!

I am of the same opinion as you when it comes to deep friendship.
I just finished watching My Mister, and I don’t really care if they end up in a romantic relationship or not, they are already beyond that imo. You said it all so perfectly.
To me their love for eachother is selfless in the right meaning of the word. They show such care and consideration for eachothers healing process that it made me cry.
They are not ruled by desire, jealousy or other selfish feelings, so even if they would feel such feelings, they would not let it hurt the other person. This was shown so many times during the show.
I’m convinced they will help eachother keep healing, no matter how often or seldom they meet, no matter if they enter into a romantic relationship or not. That’s how I enterpreted the end gaze, it was so beautiful to me.
I truly loved the drama! :heart:

Gonna have to check out Misaeng now.


I feel everything you’ve said. This interpretation is extremely beautiful to me, too.

I don’t know if I’m ready to watch Misaeng, because I’m steel too involved in My Mister and I want to finish the re-watch first. But then I’ll give it an opportunity for sure. Maybe we’ll meet here to comment (and cry :sweat_smile:) on that drama, too :wink:.


Haha, yeah, wouldn’t mind that at all. :smile:


We should start another thread just for My Mister, or something :smile:

Here, I found a fansite for My Mister:

I just had a thought: Ji An and Dong Hun remind me of Baek Soo Chan and Jung Yoon Hee from How to Meet the Perfect Neighbor. Although BSC is a playboy, he befriends JYH and then their friendship grew deeper. She never fell for him, but she really got to know and understand him. Okay, 'nuf said.


I’m watching ‘‘Message Man’’ for the second time it’s an awesome movie but it involves lots of violence so if you don’t like violence then I don’t recommend you watch. 2019 is 1 1/2 hour long. Justice gets served at least

I want to make a request for this Japanese drama since it only has 2 parts and the rest is missing.


the Guardian, a scifi one, also the best partner, abut finished with that one. is kinda long and does drag a bit, but still good. hope the ending is good


Agreed. Too many “happy endings” can become monotonous and eventually make drama viewing quite boring. For me, it’s not so much that dramas have happy endings, it’s the failure of many C-dramas to provide “LOGICAL” endings that leaves me scratching my head as a viewer, or sighing saying “here goes another one”. When a drama spends more than 20 episodes on a theme, only to kick over that theme by the ending without resolving it one way or another; or when it introduces something last minuite that it never dealt with during the course of the drama run; or when supporting characters you’ve come to care for suddenly die for no good reason except to check off the box that states ‘character must die by shows end’, or when a couple who had such great communication during the course of the drama suddenly develop personality changes two episodes to the end and behaves in the most stupid, irrational, outlandish way that leaves the viewer scratching their heads… and the list goes on. The ending doesn’t have to be happy - but it definitely has to make sense and close out all the open loops introduced in the drama. Good, logical endings are part of the reason why Nirvana in Fire and the Untamed were so successful. SPOILERS - In NIF, we know the main lead dies in the end (sad), but he accomplished all he planned to do. In Untamed - all the open loops in the story were closed by the end of the story - so the viewers were not left unsatisfied.



Guardians:Are you talking about the one where they have super powers? It’s a really good one. NTFX

RakutenViki also has one: The Guardians of young ppl that have been wronged and they take revenge but I hated the ending for this one so much…such a waste of a good story plot.

I’m watching THE GHOST BRIDE TAIWANESE/CHINESE drama for second time! bc is that good This is an awesome drama with Chris Wu (second lead). I love this actor in all of his dramas/movies I’ve seen. I fell in love with this guy when I saw him for the first time in Substitute Princess here at (2013?). He’s not the most attractive guy but he has a charm that any handsome guys wished they had. I’m glad NTFX has plenty of him for me to see.


the Guardians were from another planet, theres the undergrounders, some bad guys there, then the upper grounders, kinda of like good & evil, black & white type thing, and if you did watch it, also some do have powers

I agree the ending could have been so much better! I am going to start watching ghost bride today looks interesting



Let me know how you like it. Of course Asian writers will never fail to give us a twist in the end that always gets on my nerves, but the story is different (for me it is) and it has such a ‘‘jump and scream’’ scenes that I really enjoy very much (but my daughter hates it) because I make her jump/scream too even though she’s not watching the drama. hahahaha.

  1. sketch
    3firey priest
    4 suits, Korean, just finished
    5perfect partner just finished
    6 panda & hedgehog
    the first 3 wish there was second seasons!


I’m watching here at RAKUTEN VIKI and I love it! this show.

I love this drama so far…


I watched the Korean movie Assassination, and boy was I impressed! I was confused at first because some of the characters looked too similar (mustache, height, build), so I will watch it again, but I don’t mind because the story was so interesting!

I’m watching 49 Days right now. I needed a break from Another Oh Hae Young, which I don’t really like very much, but I am on ep 15, so I might as well finish it sometime. I started watching that after My Mister, and I regret doing so. I guess I wasn’t in the mood for an over-the-top rom com. It’s too similar to Marriage, Not Dating which I also didn’t like…So I decided on 49 Days since I discovered that I really like melodramas. I’m waiting for that tragic ending…


I am starting the Restorante Coreano, first episode looks good! almost smell the cooking! hehehehehhe

now I understand about “49 days” I stopped watching it cause of confusion. but think I will go and watch it again.


I started watching Another Oh Hae Young a while ago and only made it to episode 6 before putting it on hold. I actually liked Marriage, Not Dating but I’m just getting bored with Another Oh Hae Young.


found a couple of movies among the gods 1&2, has a fantastic cast. really a good movie. , one is on Hulu, the other I think on amazon prime give them a 10 also another coming on, tell me what you saw, looks like a good cast too. plan to watch it in a while

game toward zero.