What are you guys currently watching?


Crash Landing On You is the bomb! Please fill out the request to have it here. You’ll be amazed!!!


I’m watching it too! I love it. I’ve already requested it, but I don’t have much hope, since it’s on Netflix…


I’m watching “Live up to your name” after trying to watch “My only love song,” which I just couldn’t finish.


Hi @feyfayer,
I’m also watching “Live Up to Your Name”. Kim Nam-gil definitely has a flare for comedic roles. After watching “Fiery Priest” and now “Live Up to Your Name”, I am seeing a whole new side to the actor’s acting.
I watched “My Only Love Song” when it was released in 2017, I was disappointed with it.
I did however come away with an increased appreciation for actor Ahn Bo-hyun, who’s currently starring in “Itaewan Class”.


Hi @fustratedwriter,

I was able to watch both movies titled “Along with the Gods” when they were released here in the theatres in Arizona. Both my [adult] daughter and myself really enjoyed them. I believe a third movie is in the works for either 2020 or 2021.


Thanks for sharing @angellight
I really liked Hyun Bin in “Memories of the Alhambra” and look forward to watching “Crash Landing on You”.


Crash Landing on You is different and I love it but it will never reach the level of mastery (in my humble opinion) that ‘‘Memories from Alhambra’’ had. I pray they make the second part for MOA bc I need closure as to if he’s dead or alive, and if he will ever be with PSH (his love who is also waiting for him).

The Liar and the Lover is now on Rakuten Viki, and I was watching it on Netflix, so I don’t lose hope of having it CLOY here at Rviki. There’s a few dramas NTFX has, and viki has them too.



He was alive but still ‘trapped’. I’m sure PSH’s character’s brother figured out a way to bring him back.


you give me hope… thanks!


You’re welcome. Forever together in our hearts.


has anyone started watching Forest?? weird to say the least. BUt its different , love the cast, I have watched the first episode, WRITERS are the bomb! they do those twists and turns, yeah I am hooked. hope rest is good.


I started watching ‘‘Forest’’ but it didn’t kept my interest, so I let it go. I love the guy but this role In My opinion don’t click with me. They kind of always pair him with the ‘‘not for him’’ girl, and this has nothing to do with (the girl’s) looks.

The ‘‘Liar and the Lover’’ I was so happy to see the young man come back to acting (I saw him in ‘‘to the beautiful you/’’) but this role to me, is a total ‘‘no match’’ for him. People in that field of his work need to be strong, and he’s so timid/mousey lol



I have watched ‘‘My Only Love Song’’ swear to you; 4 times/ all episodes again and again. I love the so realistic fantasy in it. But most of all, I love the main couple in the drama bc they are so perfect for each other in everything (looks, craziness, compatibility and intense love). The ending didn’t bothered me bc it was part of the ‘‘fantasy world’’

Those are my favorite types of dramas/movies whether they are from Korea. China Spain or any other country. That’s my kind/ type of dramas to watch and enjoy 100%. I saw Demons and Angels (from Spain I believe), and I saw every season they had available here at viki years back. I mainly worked in the drama just to be the first one on line watching this different but so wonderful to me drama.


I’m glad you liked it. I found myself cringing (and not in a good way) and annoyed at the drama too often. I don’t think I’ll watch the remaining episodes any time soon :slightly_smiling_face:

@aznative The first drama I saw KNG in was the first Sageuk (historical) drama that I watched - Queen Seondeok. He’ll forever be Bidam to me :wink: But I do enjoy his comedic roles and his ‘evil’ laughter.

Just finished Live up to your name and now am looking for something else to watch. Probably will watch the King’s daughter or Go Go Squid and revisit some movies from studio Ghibli.



I hear you, I have also seen dramas that make me cringe, too. There are a few actress/actors that I can’t give them a minute of my time of watching their dramas bc I can’t stand the way they portray their character (maybe they play it too well?). I read somewhere that the main actress from MOLS is criticized a lot when acting, and I personally didn’t see anything wrong with her acting but it happens.

I have to admit that at first i didn’t like it too much either until I reached the episode where she saves his mom, and I cried buckets from that scene. After that, I fell in love with the rest of the drama. The beginning episodes are kind of like a bit hard to swallow for some reason (not that I’m trying to convince you to watch it) I can’t pin point what it is but I felt it, too. I did found the ‘‘evil’’ guy so funny I couldn’t get enough of him. The ending was unrealistic but I stayed in the fantasy mode to be able to accept what happened in the end.


LUNA NERA :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

I’m currently watching a drama from Italy about witches, and the persecution they suffer as they are accused of doing witchcraft, when all they are doing is using nature to cure the sick. Although there are some ‘‘witches’’ that use their power to do evil there are many that use their gift to help others in need.Their gift is unappreciated. Putting a request since I’ve never seen an Italian drama in here.



Guys the new Link to request a drama/movie/show has change, and the one I added here for japanese show [TERRACE HOUSE] is no longer working. The new link to request dramas/movies/shows is below. Please do join me and request this wonderful show it gets better with each different episodes. Thanks!


I saw When Marnie was There a week ago, and I watched it twice in one day to understand it. I also couldn’t stop listening to the OST because it was so beautiful. I really like that one, it made me think long and hard about the storyline.

I started watching 30,000 Miles in Search of My Son (2007) with So Yoo Jin and Lee Hoon on YT. Even though the subs were horrible and the video quality not the best, I still like the show a lot. The amount of comedy nicely balances out the tragedy that happened in the first episode or so. However, only 8/20 episodes have been uploaded. I’m going to request it on Viki, even though it is an older drama.

I didn’t like My Only Love Song. It was too loud and crazy for me :confused:


I saw it when it came out and yes, the OST and animation (those landscapes and architecture) are beautiful! I have to admit that I wasn’t overwhelmed by the movie when I first saw it, but I was really impressed by the themes of loneliness and “outside”-ness that they portrayed. I’m going to watch it again :blush:


Do you have a favorite Ghibli movie? Most of the movies made the rounds in theatres here in Arizona awhile ago and my daughter and I were able to see most of them again on the big screen. What a delight.
“Go Go Squid” was cute. Not familiar with “The King’s Daughter”.